Dinesh D’Souza Interviews Barrack Obama? See for Yourself

Dinesh D’Souza Interviews Barrack Obama? See for Yourself

AUN-TV friend Tad Lumpkin of Bullet Wire has put together an amazing video of Dinesh interviewing Obama.

Please watch this first before reading the article below.

I met both Tad Lumpkin and Dinesh D’Souza. separately,  for the first time at CPAC a couple of weeks ago.   Today Tad sent this promo video to us.  The editing is amazingly good and clever.  It ranks right up there with some of the “Strong Editing” that CBS’s 60 Minutes is famous for.  I was on the set for the filming of “The 60 Minutes Deception” by Jeremiah Films which exposes CBS for attempting similar editing tricks, while pretending to do real interviews.

AUN-TV has not written about it yet, but Geoff Metcalf and I flew back to DC for CPAC and made many great contacts for AUN-TV.    Sharron Angle and Jon Moseley of Conservative Commando Radio had just interviewed me, graciously, and I saw Dinesh walk by.  Ran him down and gave him my biz card and said we would be glad to interview him about IRS scare tactics, etc.  He was startled, but very polite and respectful.   It was good to see that a media figure like Dinesh is the same off the air as he is on air.

AUN-TV and Tad Lumpkin are planning on some joint ventures in the future.  You can see his work at https://thebulletwire.com/.




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