Shock Poll: 100% of Hispanic Obama Voters Regret Voting for Him!

Shock Poll: 100% of Hispanic Obama Voters Regret Voting for Him!

Economist/YouGov Poll: 100% of Hispanic Obama Voters and 71% of all Obama Voters Regret It. Who is the Party of the Rich? Debunked.

Today a new poll by The Economist Magazine and  YouGov provided several shocking results.   The poll found that 71% of people that voted for Obama in 2012 now regret it.   That does not mean they would not vote for him if given the same choice, but it is the highest voter regret percentage we can recall after just one year into a term.

The most shocking aspect is that 100% of Hispanic Obama voters now regret it.  Here is just the Regret Question Results in the poll:



Not only do 100% of Obama Hispanics Voter now regret it,  but 100% of Obama voters in the Western USA also regret their vote.  Something that is not shocking in the poll, but heavily censored by most news media outlets is that Rich Americans are more likely to vote for and approve of Obama than Middle Income Americans. This may be shocking to those who trust the news media outlets that have covered up the real facts on income and voting patterns.     The results for how they voted in 2012 are:


It has been true for a long time that both the Rich and Poor tend to vote Democrat and that Middle Income and Working Families tend to vote Republican.  That  explains why the poorest areas such as Flint Michigan and North Philadelphia vote almost exclusively Democrat as do the richest areas such as Beverly Hills, Malibu and Manhattan (vote heavily Democrat).   Middle income areas such as Provo, Utah,  that have less wealth disparity,  are the areas that Republicans do best in.  In this poll 2012 voters with income under $40,000 income voted 63% for Obama, for $40,000 to $80,000 it was 48% Obama, for $80,000 to $100,000 it was 53% Obama and for Over $100,000 income it was 51% Obama.  This is very different that the carefully created public perception.

It is understandable why Democrats want this myth to continue, it helps them.   It is understandable why the majority of news reporters also want the myth to continue,  as over 80% of reporters and sometimes over 90% vote Democrat.  It is not rational that the Republican Party leadership would go along with this myth, as it hurts them, but the RNC does.

Here are the full results of the poll:


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