California students file lawsuit to eliminate tenure for bad teachers

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Should California public school teachers be protected if they aren’t effectively doing their jobs? That’s the battle unfolding in a local courtroom.


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Nine students are suing the state and teachers unions in an effort to get bad teachers out of the classroom. But the unions say tenure and seniority is there to keep talented teachers from leaving for other jobs.

The students say it’s unfair that their future is compromised by what they charge in their lawsuit as grossly inefficient teachers.

“Instead of learning our subject, we sat in class coloring and watching YouTube videos,” said plaintiff Kate Elliott.

Led by Dave Welch, a Silicon Valley millionaire and founder of advocate group Student Matters, they allege that five laws go too far to protect ineffective teachers.

“We have evidence that kids are losing months and months and years of education and creating a gross disparity in violating the Constitution,” said Theodore J. Boutrous, an attorney for Student Matters.


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  1. I agree with the students getting rid of teacher tenure. In my opinion a teacher , just as any other hired worker serves as long as the School Board needs them. A teacher is always free to leave and find another place of employment if the contract has been fullfilled. I see no need for tenure , you do your job and if the school no longer needs you at the fullfillment of the contract then it is time to go. In fact there is no need for the School Board to explain in any way why there will be no contract extension. There is no need for a hired teacher to explain why they are no longer wanting to extend a contract, the teacher is ready to move on and the contract is fulfilled. Tenure agreements just get in the way of doing business and seemingly cause hard feelings and the school enviroment is not the place to hold hard feelings and grudges, this kind of behavior by the school board and employee become a loss for the student and classroom.


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