Gun Control Explained by Ben Swann- Video

Gun Control Explained by Ben Swann- Video

Watch Mini Documentary Here That Exposes the Facts that are being Censored.

Ben Swann exposes the misinformation coming from politicians and censored news sources such a CNN’s Piers Morgan.  The level of deception he exposes with crime statistics is rather amazing.    For one thing American violent crime rate is much lower than Morgan’s England.


  1. Education is valuable but it must be accompanied by three critical evaluation platforms, logic, common sense and deductive reasoning. World governments deal daily with the task of “gun control” as a method to protect “their citizens”. When “citizens revolt” against a failed government, their first “things” they need are adequate weapons to regain control of the citizens’ rights. Logic, common sense and deductive reasoning should educate us to understand that gun control is the first step to citizen control.


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