SEPTEMBER 7, 2020 9am to 9pm with Sharron Angle and Joe Messina

Stolen Choices Documentary Trailer

Stolen Choices tells how long election corruption has been going on in our country, who’s been doing it, how they’ve been doing it, and what we can do to stop it. Watch the documentary on AUN-TV Sept. 7 or you may view the documentary for a donation by clicking on the following link. Click here to make donation

The telethon will be aired from 9am to 9pm Monday September 7 Labor Day on the following stations:

  • K03HY Channel 17.10, San Francisco, CA,
  • KTVJ Channel 12.10, San Rafael/Marin/North Bay,
  • KQRO Channel 45.10 San Jose/Silicon Valley, CA
  • KUKR Channel 27.10 Santa Rosa, CA,
  • KRDT Channel 23.10 Redding, CA,
  • K11VZ Channel 11.10, Chico, CA,
  • KKPM Channel 28.10, Sacramento/Chico, CA,
  • KQSL Channel 8.10, FORT BRAGG CA
  • KFTY Channel 45.10 Napa Valley CA