Golden State Stimulus Checks: Last batch of stimulus payments coming – MARCA

Golden State Stimulus Checks: Last batch of stimulus payments coming – MARCA

Final payments due this January 11

In recent months, the California state government has been sending out stimulus checks to the families and households that meet its eligibility criteria. But, this Tuesday January 11 is the final day for payments to go out.


Known as Golden State Stimulus II (GSS II), this stimulus scheme has seen low-income to medium-income Californians receive much-needed financial aid over the second half of 2021 and now in the first two weeks of 2022.

Checks of $600 and $1,100 were sent out, with those qualifying having fallen into the $0 to $75,000 band for the 2020 tax year and having lived in the state of California for more than half of the 2020 tax year.

When are California’s Golden State Stimulus Checks being sent out?

These checks were sent out based on the final three digits of the ZIP code used for filing the 2020 tax return.

The dates for paper checks being mailed out were as so for these ZIP codes:

  • 000-044: October 6 2021 through October 27 2021
  • 045-220: October 18 2021 through November 5 2021
  • 221-375: November 1 2021 through November 19 2021
  • 376-584: November 15 2021 through December 3 2021
  • 585-719: November 29 2021 through December 17 2021
  • 720-927: December 13 through December 31 2021
  • 928-999: December 27 through January 11 2022


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The final group of ZIP codes, those ending in 928 to 999 have January 11 2022 as the final day when payment should be expected.

Will any California Golden State Stimulus Checks be sent out after January 11?

Some people may receive checks after this January 11 deadline, in the case of having filed their 2020 tax return late. If the paperwork was only sent in during the period when checks were already being sent out, these taxpayers are advised to allow for 60 more days after the processing of their tax return.

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