Most Forced Unjust Family Separations Are Caused By Democrat’s Abnormally High Murder Rate

Most Forced Unjust Family Separations Are Caused By Democrat’s Abnormally High Murder Rate

In 2016 23,000 families were separated forever by murder in America. Murder is arguably the biggest human rights abuse danger to Americans. The suffering caused to the surviving family members is immense. Think of the suffering that each individual family suffered of the 33 known victims of John Wayne Gacy.

Below is a photograph of Gacy’s last victim. Put yourself in the shoes of his parents and siblings during the last 40 years since his murder.


Then multiply that by 23,000 more families each year. Again murder is arguably the biggest human rights abuse danger to Americans. Who commits those murders?

10 Worst US Murder Cities

What do those 10 cities have in common?  I have interviewed 5 prison guards and officials and all them said the same thing. About 90% or more of violent criminals are people that identify as Democrats.  In fact one guard said they had never met a Republican in prison. That matches up with all 10 of most murderous cities being heavily Democrat cities.

Dinesh D’souza a Republican did go to prison, but not as a violent criminal, more as a political prisoner on a technicality. The most likely reason was because he created a documentary that offended Barack Obama.

When in prison he found the same thing, that almost all criminals would vote Democrat if they could. One of those criminals he met was there for murdering elderly people for insurance money by throwing them down stairs until it killed them and who supported Democrats.

Here is a trailer to Dinesh’s documentary “Hillary’s America” he created from what he learned in prison:

One prison guard told me that during an election, a primary, they handed out ballots as not everyone in the prison had lost their voting rights.  Thus they had Republican and Democrat ballots.  After collecting them they then sorted them into piles for each party.  The count was 34 Democrat ballots and zero Republican ballots which blew that guard away. Because that guard had never thought about criminal’s politicals beliefs prior to this learning moment.

The most Democrat city in America is Detroit at 98%, and it is also the most deadly city in America for children, ask yourself is that a coincidence?

Children are dying in Detroit at a greater rate than in any U.S. city its size or larger, a Detroit News study shows.

Mostly, they die of conditions resulting from prematurity — the top killer of Detroit kids — and violence, which ranks second.

“This is a public health emergency in the city of Detroit,” said Dr. Herman Gray, executive vice president of pediatric health services for the Detroit Medical Center and former president of DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan. “We are losing our future in really socially unacceptable ways.”

All told, Detroit kids through age 18 died at a rate of 120 per 100,000 children in 2010, the most recent year for which complete data is available. Detroit was the only city whose death rate among children topped 100 per 100,000; Philadelphia, at 95.7, was a distant second.

For the record Philadelphia is also extremely Democrat with some precincts voting 100% Democrat.

What about the most Republican city in America with a population over 250,000?  That is Provo at 88% Republican. What is the murder rate there? It varies between 0 and 1 most years, one of the least murderous cities in the world and 40 times less murderious than Detroit.  In highly Democrat cities like Detroit and Chicago the most common cause of death for teenagers is not accidents or disease, its being murdered. And almost all those children being murdered are being murdered by people who identify as Democrats. The gun violence issue in America can be solved with the 2nd Amendment retained, if Democrats voluntarily did not have guns. The facts make it clear that it is not a good idea for Democrats to have guns.

So what is the number one cause of forced family separation in America? It is the abnormally high murderousness of Democrats. Remember that every time the subject of family separation is mentioned by Democrats.

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