Crime Statistics Show Democrat Voters Much More Criminal Than Republicans, But What About Democrat Politicians?

Crime Statistics Show Democrat Voters Much More Criminal Than Republicans, But What About Democrat Politicians?

It has been know for a longtime that heavily Democrat voting areas have much higher violent crime than heavily Republican voting areas. The chart at the left takes one swing state, Ohio, then compares the Violent Crime Rate of the biggest city, Celina, in the most Republican voting county at 77%, Mercer County|34   to the state as a whole and then to the most Democrat voting city, Cleveland, and then to an extremely Democrat voting neighborhood in Cleveland the 96%+ Democrat Cedar Ave Area. 

cleveland zip crimes

The Violent Crime Rate geometrically skyrockets as the percent of Democrat voters goes up.  From 1 in the least Democrat area to 114 in the most Democratic area.  This is all documented in the movie “Who Wins When America Loses.”

On to the title of this article, What About Democrat Politicians?

We decided to look into that and it was not hard. Wikipedia has listed all criminal convictions of politicians for state and local government. It is here:

If you look at California this decade you will see almost every convicted politician is a Democrat, but being that California votes heavily Democrat that is not a fair comparison. We checked Utah to confirm that as it votes heavily Republican, but no politician was convicted of a crime in Utah (a positive thing), so then looked at South Carolina and it votes heavily Republican and most politicians there convicted of crime were Republicans which mirrors the case in California.  So what is a good way to compare the two parties in regard to criminality of their politicians?  It would be to take the swing states.  The three chief high population swing states are Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Let compare them:



  • State Representative Ron Gerberry (D) found guilty of charge of unlawful compensation of a public official. (2015)
  • State Representative Steve Kraus (R) convicted of a fifth-degree felony. (2015)[203]
  • State Representative Peter Beck (R) convicted of perjury. (2015)[204]
  • State Representative Dale Mallory (D) found guilty to a first-degree misdemeanor count of filing a false disclosure form and a fourth-degree misdemeanor charge of improper gratuities and was sentenced to a total of $600 in fines and a year of probation. (2014)[205]
  • State Representative Sandra Williams (D) convicted of filing a false report. (2014)[206]
  • State Representative Clayton Luckie (D) convicted of corruption. (2013)[207]
  • State Representative W. Carlton Weddington (D) was convicted on bribery charges and sentenced to three years in prison. (2012)[208]


  • Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Lance Mason (D) convicted of domestic abuse and assault. He was sentenced to two years in prison.(2015)[209][210]


  • State Representative Vanessa L. Brown (D) convicted of bribery.(2018)[224]
  • Treasurer of Pennsylvania Barbara Hafer (D) convicted of lying to the FBI. (2017)[225]
  • State Representative Marc Gergely (D) convicted of conspiracy. (2017)[226]
  • State Representative Leslie Acosta (D) convicted of embezzlement. (2016)[227]
  • Attorney General of Pennsylvania Kathleen Kane (D) was convicted of perjury. (2016)[227]
  • State Representative Louise Bishop (D) was convicted of corruption. (2016)[228]
  • State Representative Michelle Brownlee (D) was convicted of a conflict of interest. (2015)[229]
  • State Representative Harold James (D) was convicted of corruption. (2015)[230]
  • State Representative Ronald Waters (D) was convicted of bribery. (2015)[230]
  • Treasurer of Pennsylvania Rob McCord (D) pleaded guilty to two counts of extortion. (2015)[231][232]
  • State Senator LeAnna Washington (D) was convicted of conflict of interest. (2014)[233]
  • Turnpike Commission CEO Joe Brimmeier (D) pleaded guilty to felony conflict of interest charges. (2014)[234]
  • Turnpike Commission Chief Operating Officer George Hatalowich (D) pleaded guilty to felony conflict of interest charges. (2014)[171]
  • Turnpike Commission Chairman Mitchell Rubin (D) was sentenced to 24 months of probation for his plea to commercial bribery. (2014)[235]
  • State Representative Jose Miranda (D) was convicted of fraud. (2013)[236]
  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin (R) was convicted in February 2013, on six of seven corruption charges including theft of services, criminal conspiracy, and misappropriation of state property. (2013)[237]
  • State Senator and Republican Majority Whip Jane Orie (R) was convicted in March 2012, of 14 counts of forgery, conflict of interest and theft of services, which included five felonies. (2012)[238]
  • State Senator and Democratic Minority Floor Leader of the Pennsylvania Senate Bob Mellow (D) pleaded guilty to using Senate staffers for campaigns. (2012)[239]
  • State Representative Joseph F. Brennan (D) announced that he was withdrawing his reelection bid after allegations that he assaulted his wife and then drove drunk from the scene of the incident.[240] He was later convicted on both the DUI and assault charges.[241] (2012)
  • Secretary of Revenue of Pennsylvania Stephen Stetler (D) convicted of using state resources. (2012)[242]
  • State Representative John M. Perzel (R), pleaded guilty to eight criminal charges, including two counts of conflict of interest, two counts of theft, and four counts of conspiracy, concerning a scheme to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on computer technology from Aristotle, Inc. for the benefit of Republican political campaigns. (2011)[243][244]
  • State Representative Brett Feese (R) sentenced to 4 to 12 years in state prison, an additional 2 years of probation, a $25,000 fine, and $1 million in restitution for his role in the Computergate state government corruption scandal. (2011)[245]


That adds up to 9 Republicans and 30 Democrats, or a 233% higher crime rate for Democrat politicians that for Republican politicians.  This is a shocking number except to those that have studied the history of Democrats and their politicians. To those knowledgeable about Democrats this is not surprising at all. 

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