Can California Be Saved? Or Is It In A Hopeless Detroit Death Spiral?

Can California Be Saved? Or Is It In A Hopeless Detroit Death Spiral?

Once a city like Detroit starts going into a Democrat Death Spiral, is it hopeless?  First what is a Democrat Death Spiral? 

They happen when a city starts voting heavily Democrat which leads to things getting worse, which helps Democrats get more votes and getting extreme control of that city. That makes things much worse for people, destroying jobs and neighborhoods and families and at same time creating horrendous murder rates.  All those horrible things help the Democrats get even more votes until the city becomes hellish and is destroyed like Detroit is today. 

New York City was just as bad if not worse than Detroit in early 1990s but the voters, even though heavily Democrat, voted for Republican mayors for multiple terms. Things got so much better it has been called the New York Miracle.  Murder dropped so much thousands were saved from murder and jobs went up and New York City was saved. So a Democrat Death Spiral can be reversed, if caught soon enough, it happened in NYC.

What about California? Not only cities but entire states can go into what helps Democrats the most, a Democrat Death Spiral. Is California in a hopeless Democrat Death Spiral?  A group got together to discuss how to save California with Candace Owens as the main speaker.


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