World’s Greatest Wealth Inequality, Kim Jong-un Has $5 Billion Cash, While People Starve

World’s Greatest Wealth Inequality, Kim Jong-un Has $5 Billion Cash, While People Starve

There are many things at which North Korea is Number One:

1.   It has the greatest wealth inequality in the world.

2.  It is the most closed and secretive country in the world.

3.  It is the most purely Communist/Marxist/Collectivist country in the world.

4.  It is the most anti-American country in the world.

5.  It has the highest percentage of the population, in concentration camp slavery.

6.  It has the highest long-term starvation level, of any country in the world.

7.  It threatens other countries with nuclear war, more than any other country in the world.

8.  It has the greatest amount of physical and mental stunting of children in the world, through malnutrition. North Koreans are 3″ to 6″ shorter than South Koreans.

9.  It is the first country to retrogress into a royal aristocracy in the last 100 years, that has achieved blood line succession to the third generation.

10.  It is the most militaristic country in the world, proud of its “Military First” or Songun policy, which calls for the starvation of lower class peasants, to provide more money for the upper class to buy military weapons.

11.  It has the most extreme personality cult in the world, in which people have been tortured and murdered by the government, for not crying loud enough at a funeral.


This is the first of a series by AUN-TV that will explore, one by one, these eleven things at which Marxist North Korea excels.

1.   It has the greatest wealth inequality in the world.

This has been true for generations in North Korea. Kim Jong-il, Jong-un’s father, was acknowledged as the number one personal consumer of cognac in the world, while from one to three million of the North Korean lower class peasants starved to death from 1994 to 1998.  While Marxist dictator Kim Jong-il had a personal train with 21 carriages and live lobster tanks, thousands were starving per day, many were eating tree bark, grass or anything they thought could have calories in it.  Here is one account from CNN, of what has been going on for decades:

“We finished our work and we were about to pick up this grass or the plant that we knew we could eat,” Jee told the commission. “And then the guards saw us, and he came running and he stepped on our hands and then he brought us to this place and he told us to kneel.”

They were forced to eat the grass along with the root and the soil as punishment. Kim became increasingly sick with diarrhea after eating the soil.

“There was nothing I could do,” Jee said. “I could not give her any medicine. And when she died, she couldn’t even close her eyes. She died with her eyes open. I cried my heart out.”

Kim Jong-il portrait


President Jimmy Carter reported “The North Korean government has reduced daily food intake from 1,400 calories to 700 calories in 2011”.  2011 was the last year of Jong-il’s reign.  Those 700 calories were the promise, not necessarily what happened. Often North Korea under-performs on its promises.  North Korea has benefited from rather massive foreign aid, for decades, yet the common people still starve.

Under the reign of the current Marxist Dictator or King, Kim Jong-un, the extreme wealth inequality continues.

Kim Jong-un was born on January 8, in either 1983 or 1984, the precise year is not known. His grandfather Kim Il-sung ruled North Korea from 1948-1994. Kim Jong-un spent his early years attending schools in Bern Switzerland. He attended the schools anonymously and is remembered for being shy and a huge fan of basketball, especially the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. Between 2002 and 2007, Kim Jong-un attended the Officer Training School at Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang. Jong-un was not originally the first choice for succession in North Korea. His older half brother Kim Jong-chul was supposedly the initial choice for Supreme Leader, but was shunned after getting caught trying to enter Japan with a phony passport so he could visit Disneyland Tokyo.


Wealth of Kim Jong-un:

In March 2013, a joint South Korean and American investigation found as much as $5 billion worth of assets and bank accounts controlled by Kim Jong-un and his family. These assets were found in more than 200 foreign bank accounts located throughout the world in countries including Austria, Lichtenstein, Russia, Singapore, China, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Many of these accounts are located in China and reportedly contain hundreds of millions of dollars in cash. North Korean government insiders have long been suspected of manufacturing illicit drugs, counterfeiting US currency and cigarettes.   Source:

The estimate of Kim Jong-un’s wealth ignores his main assets. It just counts his cash and cash equivalents.   His main assets are that he owns all of the real estate in North Korea and owns all North Koreans, as slaves.  Even his own uncle, considered the number two in North Korea, was proved to be no more than a highly paid slave of Kim Jong-un recently.  Jong-un had him executed and his entire family murdered as the below New York Daily News report shows below:


The real reason he was executed, along with his family, was to remove a potential successor.  This is common in bloodline kingdoms.

So how much is North Korea and its people (as slaves) worth?  $100 billion would seem low.   Is Kim Jong-un in reality the richest man in the world?    On a net worth basis the only person/family who could compete, would be the royal family in Cuba, the Castros.   They, like the Kim Dynasty, have created a Marxist bloodline aristocracy.   Cuba being in the Caribbean and not being quite as backward and primitive as North Korea, is worth more in terms of the Castro’s real estate holdings.   Fidel Castro’s personal net worth is estimated at $900 million.   However his and Raul’s real estate holdings may make them the richest family in the world.

The problem, for the apparent two richest families in the world, is how does one sell the land?  If the land is still within governmental control of those two Marxist Dictator families, it is less safe than Kim Jong-un’s family was.  So who would buy?

The bottom line of this extreme wealth inequality article, is that if you are willing to murder people and enslave them, the best way to extreme riches seems to be as a Marxist revolutionary who gains control of a country, or being in the royal blood line, of one that did it in the past.


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  1. North Korea actually isn’t Marxist or Communist. They now follow a thing called Juche instead and abandoned communism long ago when Stalin granted them independence. Posters of Marx and Lenin are banned in North Korea.

    • Anon, thank you for your post. The only allies they have ever had are Marxists, USSR, PRC, Cuba, etc. Marxists quibble over things, Lenin and Trotsky for example. Does the government own the means of production? That is a short definition. means being isolated, self reliant. The economic system is the same. Thank you again for pointing out that

  2. Why is this story so popular? This story “World’s Greatest Wealth Inequality, Kim Jong-un Has $5 Billion Cash, While People Starve” is the most popular story that AUN-TV has ever written. We are curious as to why. I wrote the story out of concern for North Koreans, never expecting it to be wildly popular.

    Please let us know in a comment here how you found this article. To comment is very easy and your privacy is maintained. Just enter any name you want and your email and that is it. No one will see your email. Thank you.

    • People are finding it threw All you do is search his name ” North Korean Leader and hit search. Then, His picture pops up and once you click on the photo, it brings up his picture and the VISIT PAGE button and when you click it, this is what you get.

    • I found it while googling the correct spelling of that scum of a dictator. I feel so much for all those poor people of North Korea which are suffering so much. They only have one life, too.

  3. The whole North Korea thing is so upsetting. I have no idea what to do about it either. I feel so bad for the people there.

  4. As I read this, I felt so much fear. I was allowing myself to imagine how I would feel if I lived in North Korea.
    Yes impossible to imagine

    There are somethings worth dying for and shooting this evil dictator would be one of them

    • Ooooh, pleeease, not this swear word! It hurts sooo much. 😀

      But I am surprised to see you’re using the ‘r’ .

  5. Alexander the Great December 25, 2015, 11:32 am

    I can see that south Korea puppet state has now become fully developed in western propaganda. After all is not bad to be jealous of a great man like KIM.


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