Lynching Is Still With Us And Worldwide

Lynching Is Still With Us And Worldwide

An excellent explanation of how mob rule murder and assault operates and is still with us was provided by Anderson Moorer on Quora.  It involves photos of fatally murdered people which we will not put in this article, however we will put non fatal photos and drawings in this article.

First the last official lynching in the United States took place in 1981 in Alabama.

“The crime dubbed “the last lynching in America” was the 1981 murder of Michael Donald, a 20-year-old black man from Mobile, Alabama.  Donald was murdered by members of the United Klans of America in retaliation for the mistrial of black man accused of killing a police officer.  Bennie Hays, the United Klans of America official who ordered the murder, declared “If a black man can get away with killing a white man, we ought to be able to get away with killing a black man.”  Bennie Hays’ son, Henry Hays, and teenager James “Tiger” Knowles kidnapped Donald, drove him out to the woods, beat him with a tree limb, strangled him with a rope, slit his throat, and then hung him from a tree.”

An inflammatory cartoon from the UKA’s The Fiery Cross was used as evidence in the civil trial against the organization for the wrongful death of Michael Donald.

So a totally innocent man was randomly targeted by an organized mob, the Ku Klux Klan.  Random group targeting is common in mob rule and lynching, the exact same thing happened to Reginald Denny, in a racist reaction to a court verdict, he was beaten and nearly murdered by a black racist mob in Los Angeles as the picture below shows.

RegDennyRacistMobAttack LA Riots

Wikipedia has pointed out the strong correlation of racists lynchings and belief in the Democratic Party. “But lynching attacks on U.S. blacks, especially in the South, increased dramatically in the aftermath of the Civil War, after slavery had been abolished and recently freed black men gained the right to vote. Violence rose even more at the end of the 19th century, after southern white Democrats regained their political power in the South in the 1870s.”

But they put too much emphasis on geography.  In general whenever Democrats had strong support lynching was much more likely.  New York City is an example in which mass lynching of blacks by Democrats took place during the 1863 Democrat Riots.  In fact New York City Democrats strongly supported human slavery and openly talked about seceding from the United States to aid the cause of slavery.

“The Democrat mobs, primarily ethnic Irish, had already ransacked or destroyed numerous public buildings, two Protestant churches, the homes of various abolitionists or sympathizers, many black homes, and the Colored Orphan Asylum at 44th Street and Fifth Avenue, which was burned to the ground.[9]

These two maps show the correlation between racist lynching and support for the first Progressive/Liberal Democrat President, Woodrow Wilson:



Now for the excellent analysis of what Lynching is by Anderson Moorer

Lynching is murder or assault carried out by a mob. It is as common today as it ever was and seems to be a part of human nature.

In the past, lynchings were most often seen as a form of racially motivated violence where groups like the KKK would hang African Americans. This particular violence has diminished, however the violence of the mob is still alive and well.

The pattern is always the same. A group’s collective aggression targets “outsiders” to the group. An outsider is selected, pursued, cornered, detained and subjected to escalating violence. Sometimes the cycle is broken, sometimes the result is a murder, sometimes the mob continues to parade the bodies around, drags them through streets, hangs them up etc.

At the time of writing the most recent widely reported lynching occurred in the slashing and beating of a man by a motorcycle club in NyC. Happily the cycle of violence was broken up before the man was killed.

But every year lynchings occur, all over the world. Sometimes the victims are people who the group has decided has somehow done them a wrong, as was the case above.

Sometimes the victim is targeted because of race, as was the case with Reginald Denny during the Rodney King riots.

53 people were killed.

Similarly, after the verdict of the Andrew Zimmerman trial mobs attacked whites and Hispanics in a number of cities in the US.

Sometimes the targeting is gender specific, with sexual assault as an underlying motive as was the case with the beatings and sexual assault of over 50 women during the June 2000 Puerto Rican Day parade assaults in New York City.

Frequently the victims just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. “Flash Mob” attacks have been seen in over a dozen US cities since 2012, with victims beaten, stabbed, sexually assaulted and robbed.
The number of cases are endless. When you begin to look outside the US the cases become even more notably violent and deadly.

Women sexually assaulted in mobs in Egypt. Bodies dragged through the streets by Hamas. Stonings in Africa and the Middle East.

Lynching occurs far more commonly in today’s world than it ever has, and is as abhorrent and repulsive a human behavior today as it was in historical times. 

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