3 Million Are Registered To Vote In Multiple States, Yet No Investigation

3 Million Are Registered To Vote In Multiple States, Yet No Investigation

One of the leading election fraud experts says there is virtually no way to determine how many fraudulent votes were cast in 2016, but he is applauding President Trump’s call for an investigation, saying the U.S. is long overdue in taking important steps to ensure more accurate elections.

Trump has said repeatedly that he believes the votes of illegal aliens across the United States are responsible for Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote. The issue flared again, both at a White House press briefing and in a pair of Trump tweets that announce his call for a formal probe.

Former Federal Elections Commission member Hans von Spakovsky now manages the Election Law Reform Initiative at the Heritage Foundation.

“President Obama told a whopper of a lie in his last press release, when he said that when he got out of office he would continue to oppose voter ID and other efforts to try to keep people out of the polls and then claimed that we were the only Western democracy that does that, when, in fact, we are one of the only Western democracies that does not require photo ID when you go vote,” he said.

Von Spakovsky said no one knows how much voter fraud occurs, but he said the system is ripe for exploitation for several reasons. Some of the biggest vulnerabilities lie in outdated voter rolls.

“There’s almost three million people who are registered in more than one state,” he said. “How many of those are actually voting in more than one state at the same time, which is, of course, illegal? We don’t know because nobody’s actually checked that out to look at it.”

Also on the rolls are many people who couldn’t possibly show up to vote.

“There are almost two million people that are dead who are still on voter rolls across the country,” von Spokovsky said.
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