Democrats Declare Pelosi Empress For Life? Is The Empress Naked? Video

Democrats Declare Pelosi Empress For Life? Is The Empress Naked? Video

What’s old is new again for House Democrats.

After weeks of intra-party turmoil and a rank-and-file revolt, Democrats trudged back into the Capitol on Monday night to finish their leadership elections, wrap up a week of last-minute legislative work and travel home for the holidays until a new Congress next year.

But even before Monday night’s elections for the final few open spots, lawmakers know they’re heading into the next Congress (and Donald Trump’s Washington) with the same top leadership cadre that’s led them, for years, in the minority.

Publicly, Democrats say it’s the message, not the messengers, that resulted in their Election Day drubbing. They picked up only six seats — barely a ripple in Republicans’ historic House majority — despite months of boastful, big-pickup forecasts.

Privately, several members say they’re just resigned to the fact that long-time Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will run the show however long she feels like it, until she wants to leave.

“She’ll be there as long as she wants,” said Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.), who backed challenger Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) in the race for Pelosi’s job last week. The mood of the caucus is “frustrated, upset, resigned,” he added, but at this point, ready to move on.

The most popular ever YouTube video of AUN-TV is the below one which comes up on the first page of a Google video search and first page of a YouTube search for “Pelosi”. It has over 140,000 views and is now getting about 2,000 a day, even though its 2 years old. It seems to strike a cord with Americans that fear that Nancy Pelosi is mentally incompetent.  After you watch this, it is hard not to think that.

Is it time for Washington to do what is right, instead of ignoring the problem?


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