Do Democrat Rioters Prefer Rioting to Voting? Appears So

Do Democrat Rioters Prefer Rioting to Voting? Appears So

It is a hidden fact that almost all rioters are Democrats or identify more with Democrats. This goes back 150 years to the racist Democrat Draft Riots of 1863 in which the Democrat mobs lynched black people and torched an orphanage for black children.

On January 7, 1861, Mayor Fernando Wood, a Democrat, called on the city’s Board of Aldermen to “declare the city’s independence from Albany and from Washington”; he said it “would have the whole and united support of the Southern States.”[9] When the Union entered the war, New York City had many sympathizers with the South.[10]

How about Republican riots? There is no case we can find of a real riot with arson by Republicans, ever. 

It is one of the most stark differences between to members of the two major parties. 

Today in Portland Oregon it turns out the anti presidential election outcome rioters, well almost all of them did not vote, but 100% of them did riot.

Here is one article about it:

If you ask the Democrats how they are feeling after the Election chances are they are going to respond in anger. They really can’t accept the fact that the country wanted Donald Trump in the White House over Hillary Clinton.

And they are taking out that anger on the streets of the United States. There have been multiple days of violent protests that have seen multiple people arrested and charged for inciting a riot. It’s bad enough that there are grown adults that are acting like children because they didn’t get what they want, but a new report out makes the riots that much worse.

The riots that are taking place in Portland, Oregon have received a lot of attention. What started as a stupid, but peaceful, protest turned into a full-blown riot. And a new report out shows that a majority of the protesters that were arrested didn’t even vote in the election!

Yes you read that right. There were people protesting and rioting because of the election results but they didn’t bother to vote themselves. That might be the stupidest thing I have EVER heard. Just in the city of Portland there were 112 people arrested for protesting. Guess how many of them actually voted in the election?

According to a search of state election records that was conducted by a television station in the Beaver State, only 25 people actually voted in the election. Of the remaining people, 69 people’s names weren’t registered in the polls or they didn’t cast a ballot. As for the remaining 17 people, they are still trying to have their voting records verified.

Seriously, only 25 people actually bothered to vote in the election? Which means the rest of the people have absolutely no business dealing with protesting the election results whatsoever! One of the protesters that were arrested said that she has recently moved to Washington State and voted there. And she had received an Oregon ballot by mail, but didn’t use it.

It’s one thing to be upset at the election results; but it is a completely different issue to be upset on something that you didn’t even participate in! Keep in mind that the majority of these protesters were over the age of 18. That means that they were of legal age to vote and they chose not to!


These People Were Of The Legal Age To Vote

And yet they are protesting this election? That doesn’t make a single bit of sense! Think of it this way. You have a competition and crown someone the winner of it. Well someone that didn’t participate in it comes to you and starts complaining about the results. But they didn’t participate in it, so they shouldn’t have a say so right? That is basically what is happening with these riots right now.

Just the fact that these people didn’t vote in the election means that they don’t have a right to protest the results. If they weren’t happy with the results, then they should have gone out and VOTED! Instead they didn’t and now they are acting like a child because they didn’t get their way.

The worst part about all this is that the people that have to deal with the protesters are the police. And they are getting pummeled with objects that the protesters are throwing. All the officers are doing is trying to maintain order and yet they are getting hit with BRICKS and ROCKS! Again this isn’t a peaceful protest; it’s a full-blown RIOT.

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