Former NFL Great Burgess Owens on How Democrats Breed Black Votes

Former NFL Great Burgess Owens on How Democrats Breed Black Votes

Former NFL star Burgess Owens joined The Glenn Beck Program on Wednesday to talk about his new book Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies, and Wimps. In his post-NFL life, Owens has been an entrepreneur, speaker, author and historian.

The history he shared on Glenn’s radio program shows the devastating impact of liberalism on the black community. “From 1865 to 1965, my race, the black race, was one of the most competitive, entrepreneurial, Christian, moral races in our country. We had the highest percentage of entrepreneurs in the country, the highest percentage of marriage in the country.

And we were so competitive, black entrepreneurs, that in 1932, the Democrats had put together a law called the Davis-Bacon Act to help protect the white unions against us,” Owens said. Fascinated by this information, Glenn urged Owens to continue. “Where we are today is 80 percent of black females are unemployed across this country. Seventy-six percent of black men abandon their children, forsake marriage. We have illiteracy running afoul.

There’s more black males dropping out of high school than dropping out of college. This is the end result of liberalism, and it’s not an accident,” Owens said. How did this perversion take root? Not surprisingly, it happened at the turn of the last century, when progressives began wreaking havoc on American society. “In 1910, the NAACP, with 21 white socialist Marxists, gave this race to be controlled by the Democrats. By the way, the antithesis of Martin Luther King Jr.’s capitalist, Christian and entrepreneurial community,” Owens said. This behind-the-curtain control of the black community continues to this day.

“The only way they got into our community was through stealth, and that stealth still happens today with BET. BET is Black Entertainment Television. It’s not been black-owned for 15 years. It’s owned by Redstone, Viacom, bought out by white, wealthy, liberal Democrats, and [it] gave my community 15 years of anti-white, anti-police, anti-American, anti-family — everything that’s liberalism,” Owens said. Owens went on to acknowledge the frustration felt in the black community. “You wonder why the streets are full now of people totally frustrated because they have no idea that this has been personally done for their vote.

They’re breeding black votes, and they’ve done that for years. That’s what Democrats do best: breed black votes,” Owens said. How do we set things straight and heal this gap? “Look, I’m willing to do, say, meet with anyone, as long as they’re not trying to empower themselves, as long as we’re all trying to empower people,” Glenn said. Owens first recommended that white Americans stop apologizing and black Americans stop thinking of whites as the oppressor. Secondly, he stressed the importance of understanding the real crisis we face. “We live in the greatest country in the history of mankind every single day,” Owens said.

“We do not have a racial crisis, we have an ideology crisis. We have socialists, Marxists and liberals who have hijacked my race,” Owens said.


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