No Brexit Exit Polls?? Indication Voter Fraud Planned?

No Brexit Exit Polls?? Indication Voter Fraud Planned?

Why would there be no official exit polls in for the biggest election in decades for Britain? The only obvious reason would be to help cover up planned voter fraud.

If that is the case, they can not say that.  Other reasons would need to be pushed.

Below a story out today on this manner:


On the day in which Britain’s future hangs in the balance, you would think that people would be on tenterhooks, eager for exit poll results to discuss and decipher.

They won’t get any. There will be no official exit poll results, not even after the polls close at 10pm today (June 23), because this referendum is such an anomaly that there is no way to design a reliable exit poll.
Regular exit polls are run by asking people at a sample of voting booths across the country how they voted, and then comparing the results with surveys from the same locations in previous elections. “The changes can be projected to build up a national picture,” the Independent explains.
But since Britain is voting on whether or not it will stay in the EU, a topic that has not been part of a general election, there is no baseline. “There is no last time this time,” says John Curtice, a professor at Strathclyde University said. The last referendum on the subject was 41 years ago and it’s safe to say the country has changed a bit over the years.
Patterns of voting in the referendum will in no way reflect general election preferences: Both of the country’s traditional parties are split on whether to stay in, or leave the EU, with all sorts of strange iterations. “This is a unique vote, which will be reported by local authorities that do not tally geographically—or demographically—with general election voting wards,” explained the Week. Read More:

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