Democratic National Committee Breached by Russian Hackers, Trump Info Obtained

Democratic National Committee Breached by Russian Hackers, Trump Info Obtained

Blackmail is a common objective of spying.  Right now it is not in the best interests of the DNC to reveal anything they have on Trump, he has not been nominated yet.  After nomination would be the time. It appears that anything that the DNC would be holding back on Trump, Russia now has.   What will Russia do with it?

BTW If Russia can hack the Democratic Party’s most secret info, how much easier would it be to hack Hillary’s private server?


The Democratic National Committee’s computer network was breached by Russian government cyber operations that have had access to the group’s communications and databases since at least last summer, NBC News confirms.

The sophisticated Russian groups, which have previously targeted the White House, the State Department and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, specifically concentrated on the DNC’s research units and had access to all of the committee’s internal communications, including chat and email applications.

The DNC’s opposition research unit, which sources indicate was specifically targeted by the hackers, is tasked with compiling unflattering information on Republican opponents — particularly presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump — to potentially use against them in the course of a political campaign.

Opposition research could include everything from old press clippings to footage of candidates on the stump recorded by party operatives to obscure legal and tax documents collected through public records requests. Much of this sensitive information may never come out during a campaign, and could be of use to the Russian government in seeking to embarrass or apply pressure to targets.

Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks directed questions to the United States Secret Service.


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