Video: CPAC Speeches By Cruz And Kasich, Their Best Ever?

Video: CPAC Speeches By Cruz And Kasich, Their Best Ever?

I just got back from CPAC. These two speeches are the best have ever heard from both of them. Much more positive and informative than the debates.

Both of these candidates would be better served if the public watched their CPAC speeches instead of the debates.  The Republican Party seems to consistently be sabotaged by the debate process. Possibly the solution is for RNC to allow the candidates to do CPAC like speeches uninterrupted, then allow the candidates to debate each others speech points.

In the 2012 election the day after Candy Crowley was selected as a moderator for the debates I talked with Nevada Senator Dean Heller about it, asking him why the RNC would allow such a thing, as Crowley is obviously in the tank for the DNC. What happened next is history, she supported Obama with false information in the debates to Obama’s great advantage.

CPAC was high energy as normal, with Clinton the likely nominee conservatives expect to win.  The question is who will be the Republican nominee?   Trump was absent but the other top candidates were there.

There has been a younger more libertarian trend at CPAC the last several years. It is the dominate force in attendees.  In terms of speakers the trend is less apparent, but still there.

A scoop is that Sharron Angle announced at CPAC in a meeting she will be running for the US Senate to replace Reid.  I attended the announcement meeting.

Also met Trevor Loudon, the anti-Communist researcher.  He has a documentary in progress called “The Enemy Within”.  Attended his video preview meeting.  Saw good interest from college age attendees at that preview.  The theme is that Communist Party has partially taken over the Democratic Party.

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