Polls And Fox News Rigged In Trump’s Favor And Cruz’s Disfavor?

Polls And Fox News Rigged In Trump’s Favor And Cruz’s Disfavor?

Fox News said the results were as expected and Cruz did as expected tonite based on the polls.

That is totally untrue.  The opposite is the truth as you can see.


Trump was supposed to win Idaho by 11% over Cruz in the last poll yet Cruz beat Trump by 17%!!! A 28% outperform by Cruz.


Are the polls and Fox News in the tank for Trump?  The answer seems to be yes tonight. If they acknowledged that Cruz outperformed every poll and pulled off a huge upset in Idaho, then it could be bad polls.  But Fox ignored the huge outperform by Cruz and Trump’s underperform head to head with Cruz. Fox said that Cruz performed as expected.  RealClear did not show Hawaii polls, but there too Cruz outperformed.

Pass this story along, because no one else seems to be.


AUN-TV is the only news company to report this upset on election night.

Today RedState.com has also reported it, and kudos to them for reporting the obvious. Here is a snippet from them:

Ted Cruz has been dominating the polls recently. Every time the polls say he is going to perform X, he outdoes them with two minor exceptions.  http://www.redstate.com/diary/creinstein/2016/03/09/ted-cruz-surge-in-republican-polls/


As seen in the graphic above Ted Cruz has been outdoing the Republican Polls by 15% or higher on average. In two cases we could not identify how much higher because of lack of Polls, these are Hawaii and Maine. However an examination of his wins shows either an extreme bias in the polls, or that the vote is always breaking for one candidate when it comes time to pull the lever.

An example of some of the differences, these are how much higher Ted Cruz did in actual results above the polls (RCP Average, last month or so only used)

Idaho    26.40%
Mississippi    19.30%
Kansas    19.20%
Kentucky    16.70%
Oklahoma    14.10%
Alaska    12.40%
Louisiana    10.10%


Being only AUN-TV and RedState have reported this major upset, to our best knowledge, think the answer to their question is the polls and media are in the tank for Trump.  


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