Truth in Media: CDC, Vaccines and Autism, The Cover-Up

Truth in Media: CDC, Vaccines and Autism, The Cover-Up

The debate over whether vaccines cause autism has become one of the most controversial disputes in this country. In this episode of Truth In Media, the focus is not on whether vaccines are responsible for autism. The issue at hand here is a study that was performed at the CDC and the question of whether the agency was complicit in a cover-up over a decade ago.

For nearly two years, Truth In Media has explored the allegations of Dr. William Thompson, a CDC scientist who came forward in 2014, hired a whistleblower attorney, and claimed that important data regarding a study on vaccines and autism was eliminated.—-

A 23 minute video about this and more is here: 

We congratulate the Whistleblower at the CDC and Ben Swann in regard to exposing this cover-up.

  1. The study that was deleted did not prove a relationship between vaccines and autism, and the so-called whistle blower continues to recommend vaccinating children. The anti-vax scare had worsened public health. Not only do the children of the parents who buy into it suffer, so do all those who are too young or have health conditions that prevent it. (Adults, get your pertussis boosters too.)


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