Is Trump The New Armand Hammer? Cliff Kincaid

Is Trump The New Armand Hammer?  Cliff Kincaid

Ever since I started writing critically about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s apparent lack of knowledge on the Russian military threat and the nature of the Vladimir Putin regime, various conservative websites that usually run my column have been refusing to do so.

These outlets of conservative opinion seem to believe that Trump is a legitimate conservative, and that his followers can’t be offended with negative information about the candidate. Some of them had previously run articles about Vladimir Putin being a Christian statesman or anti-terrorist leader.

Major factors in this disturbing trend among the conservative media include Russian propaganda organs like RT (Russia Today) in the U.S. and the work of Russian trolls in spreading disinformation. Some of these trolls are self-described American conservatives who openly cite RT as a credible source of information.

Trump’s attitude about Russia is his Achilles heel. It shows he is so misinformed that his critics will argue that he is unfit to lead the United States. Indeed, Trump’s attitude about Russia is about the same as Hillary Clinton’s – that Vladimir Putin can be trusted to do the right thing in global affairs if he is just treated nicely by the United States. Her Russia “re-set” policy was a disaster. Nevertheless, Trump could be perceived in a race with Hillary to be even softer on the Russians than Obama and Clinton.

Trump’s bizarre views about Putin and Russia apparently stem from his desire to do business deals in the old Soviet Union and now Russia. Conservatives know enough about sleazy businessmen like Armand Hammer, a Soviet agent of influence, to be wary of doing business with Russia. Hammer helped make Al Gore’s family rich, but also backed Republicans when it suited his business interests.

Trump has yet to consummate a major deal in Russia, except for the “Miss Universe” contest in Moscow in 2013. It was at that time, however, that it was announced that he was working closely with a Russian billionaire, close to Putin, on real estate deals in Russia. A “Russian Trump Tower” was reported to be in the works. Trump could make millions of dollars doing business with the Kremlin.

An Offer He Can’t Refuse?

Doing business deals in Russia can be lucrative, but also dangerous. Bill Browder’s book on Putin’s Russia, Red Notice, exposes how Putin, his old KGB comrades, organized crime and a select group of billionaires are looting the country. Browder had no special interest or reason to come to this conclusion about Russia. The grandson of Earl Browder, former head of the Communist Party USA, he wanted to believe in the promise of a new, modern, and democratic Russia, and invested heavily in the country. But his assets were stolen and his lawyer murdered.

Yet Trump says about Putin, “I would talk to him, I would get along with him.”

Jeff Nyquist, a geopolitical analyst who has written several books on Soviet/Russian strategy, says any American businessman who travels to Russia runs the risk of being hurt or compromised. “Either Mr. Trump’s moral compass is broken,” he says, “or he doesn’t understand Russia at all.”

Garry Kasparov’s new book, Winter is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped, examines the nature of the dictatorship. Kasparov fled Russia and offers an indictment of both major political parties in the U.S. regarding their treatment of Putin’s Russia. If anything, Trump’s attitude toward Russia is worse than the political establishments of both U.S. political parties, which have been driven by Big Business to give Russia special trade status. Passing Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) for Russia in 2012 was a major mistake that channeled billions of dollars into Putin’s war machine.

Regarding Putin’s endorsement of Trump, Kasparov says, “Putin always wants to sow weakness and chaos among his enemies, he sees as U.S., NATO, Europe. So consider who he in [the] West endorses & why.”

One can see this chaos and confusion in the ranks of conservatives.

Kasparov, the former chess champion, fled Russia when he was told his life would be in danger if he remained. His longtime friend and colleague, Boris Nemtsov, stayed in Russia, to organize politically against Putin. He was murdered in cold blood in the middle of Moscow on February 27, 2015. Read More:

By Cliff Kincaid 12-30-2015

  1. Another opinionated article for the promotion of bought and paid for politicians who owe their allegiance to the corporation who bought and paid for them.

  2. Hi Tuaca, I personally know Cliff Kincaid. He is probably the #1 opponent of the UN in the USA and he has not got rich in the process or his career. He may be biased and may be wrong but he is sincere.

  3. Dana, I did not mention the UN. I was talking about bought and paid for politicians who owe corporations in spite of what they owe the people!! Many in the Establishment are sincere, and are also in favor of doing away with our history.

    • Hi Tuaca, Yes know you did not mention UN. But guess you are not a fan of UN and wanted to give some background on Cliff. The “establishment” which as you know is something very real even though the details are cloudy loves the UN. So Cliff would be quite high on the enemies list of the “Establishment”. I have known him for about 20 years, he has sacrificed financially to fight against media corruption, even though he is a reporter – doing so eliminates 90% of the jobs he could get otherwise. He is not politician, so guess you were talking about politicians.

      When is comes to motives although “establishment” voters can be sincere, the pro pols like McConnell and reporters like Sam Donaldson IMHO know they are frauds and know the truths they are suppressing, they know they are phonies IMHO. I talked with Sam after our confrontation he was very submissive and guilty acting. But after that day went right back to be a phony reporter even though he asked for and I gave him the photos and X-Rays of the bullet hole.


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