U.N. Dictates Global Sodomite Acceptance

U.N. Dictates Global Sodomite Acceptance

When news of the formation of a so-called United Nations sifted out, many were skeptical of its stated purpose of bringing all nations together to promote peace. It was seen by many as a ploy to institute total world control by one body of men.

Those who objected were described as ‘nut cases, ‘conspiracy theorists’ or backwoods hicks. These descriptions were, of course, designed to discourage any one from questioning the world organization.

The Holy See of the United Nations is based in New York, highly visible and highly expensive, costing the United States billions of dollars annually in dues and services. The delegates demand recognition as gods, being given free rein to do whatever they like in America and cannot even be cited for crimes or auto infractions by waving “Diplomatic Immunity” in the faces of all.

The U.N. has its own army and its own world court system.

It is reported that U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon stated last week that “Forcing LGBT rights is a Sacred mission.” His vow is to aggressively promote global homosexual and transgender “rights.” He is telling other countries that he will push them to make LGBT rights a priority saying: “This is not just a personal commitment; it is an institutional commitment.”

He further stated that the U.N. is the best possible place for LGBT people to work.

The U.N. has ordered nations of the world to ban all discrimination against anyone identifying with the LGBT community; repeal laws criminalizing “same-sex conduct between consenting adults”; “combat prejudice” via “dialog, public education and training” and; legally recognize sex change in identity documents.


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