Illegal Immigrants Don’t Need Vote To Help Hillary Win

Illegal Immigrants Don’t Need Vote To Help Hillary Win

 Could illegal immigrants and refugees help put Hillary Clinton in the White House next year? Yes, because the nation’s Electoral College system is tailor-made for Democrats when combined with the mass immigration policies of the last 45 years.

This unprecedented influx is having a profound effect not only on how many seats each state gets allotted in Congress but also on the election every four years of the president, according to demographers.

The office goes to the candidate who wins the majority of the 538 Electoral College votes, and these “electoral” votes are not equal in every state.

This “college,” consists of 538 electors divvied up according to each state’s population. The states with higher populations get more electoral votes and those with less population get fewer.

Democrats love immigrants, both legal and illegal. As non-voters they count toward a state’s population and, therefore, its number of allotted electoral votes.

Steyn said “So, for example, a state like California, if you didn’t count illegal immigrants, that state would have five fewer electoral votes.

“The illegal immigrants in California out-punch the entire state of New Hampshire and every legitimate U.S. citizen living in New Hampshire,” he said
“As this Electoral College thing indicates, they don’t even need them to become citizens. They just need them to come across the border.”
Democrats are smarter than the Republicans on this issue, Steyn said. Well the problem is, there isn’t going to be a Republican Party if you don’t get this issue under control because as we’ve seen right now illegal immigrants account for about 10 Electoral College votes,” Steyn said. “A couple of election cycles down the line, what’s it going to be, 18 to 20 electoral votes?
“When the entire U.S. takes on the demographics of California, there will never be another Republican president again. An article by Mark Rozell and Paul Goldman recently came to the same conclusion as Steyn. “Illegal immigrants – along with other non-citizens without the right to vote – may pick the 2016 presidential winner,” they wrote in Politico magazine.

The college includes 538 electoral votes. But 435 of those votes – 80 percent of them – are fluid, changing every 10 years based on the U.S. Census’ headcount of population in each state. The fastest-growing states, which are those with the most immigrants, get more electoral votes and the no-growth states can actually lose electoral votes.

Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, also noted the phenomenon and how the Founding Fathers, in crafting Section 2 of Article I of the Constitution and Section 2 of the 14th Amendment, clearly did not envision a time when the U.S. would allow mass immigration.

Spakovsky explains: “There are 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Under Sec. 2 of Article I of the Constitution and Sec. 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment, every ten years, after the ‘Enumeration’ (the Census), we redistribute those 435 seats based on the ‘whole number of persons in each State. In other words, the number of members of the House that each state gets is based on the total population of each state relative to the total population of the U.S., which includes non-citizens. Thus, the upwards of 12 million illegal aliens present in the U.S. distort representation in the House.

“This is fundamentally unfair, because these states are benefiting from illegal conduct and gaining political representation for individuals who have no entitlement to such representation or to even be present in the country.”


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