Is Hillary Clinton Toast? Top Five Reasons Hillary Is Toast

Is Hillary Clinton Toast? Top Five Reasons Hillary Is Toast

When you start out as the shoo-in ordained presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, and before the first primary you end up in second place to an admitted confessed Marxist/Socialist/Communist (Bernie Sanders), maybe the toaster just ejected Hillary Clinton with a smoke trail.

A week after Hillary announced she was running a politico who has run for the US Senate asked me if Hillary could become President.  My answer was no, because she is not likable enough. He said that is exactly what some political experts had told him.

The real reason she should not be elected is that she has been a liar her entire multi decade political career and a suspect in many felonies. From taking bribes laundered through fake commodities trades (CattleGate) to her current number one scandal, EmailGate.

But such things are not a problem in terms of getting the Democratic nomination, they elect people who are in prison, or just out of prison. A few examples:

1.  Mayor James Curley of Boston:

2.  Mayor Marion Barry:

3.  Joseph Morrisey:

But for the general election it would be a problem.

I have talked with three people who worked with her, when she was in politics, and they all hate her.



Top Five Reasons Hillary Is Toast:

#5  She is cratering in polls, now in second place, Sanders grabs 9-point lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, Video:

#4 Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable rating approaches record territory: poll

#3 Poll: ‘LIAR’ Most Frequently Associated Word With Hillary Clinton, what was 2nd? DISHONEST and 3rd was UNTRUSTWORTHY. It appears people have woken up after only 40 years.  Here is a CNN video about that.

 #2 EmailGate and possibility of being in prison:

NY Mag- Could Hillary Clinton Face Criminal Charges Over Emailgate?

Judge Napolitano on Hillary Email Scandal: “Grave For Her Political Future,” Facing Time In Prison

#1     She is not likable



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