Hillary’s Classified Material Sitting on GMAIL Servers, Government Can Not Get Them

Hillary’s Classified Material Sitting on GMAIL Servers, Government Can Not Get Them


Some of Hillary’s classified secrets are sitting on GMAIL servers where not even the government can get them – and federal courts are tying everyone’s hands

Now-classified email exchanges that sat on Hillary Clinton‘s private server included other participants who were working from personal accounts

  • Google, AOL and other commercial services now control some of the messages
  • The Obama administration has been slow to reclaim those copies 
  • In some cases, federal judges haev ordered the accounts’ owners not to delete anything while lawsuits wind through the courts 

Some of Hillary Clinton’s emails – including many that contained classified government secrets – flowed through unsecured commercial services like Google and AOL on their way to and from the home-brew server she set up in her Chappaqua, N.Y. home.

At least 55 such messages traced paths that took them far outside the reach of the State Department’s classiied email system and into the public Internet data soup that is a target-rich environment for hackers and foreign governments.

Politico reported Monday that the Obama administration has done little to retrieve or delete copies of those messages that still exist on Gmail accounts and in other places where classified information is not supposed to reside.

Those 55 emails are on a pace to exceed 200: The State Department has so far released only about one-quarter of the email cache that Clinton handed over late last year.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3234520/Some-Hillary-s-classified-secrets-sitting-GMAIL-servers-not-government-federal-courts-tying-s-hands.html#ixzz3lpPQwBR0


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