Democrats Explain Why They Are For Obama/Iran Nuke Deal, Video

Democrats Explain Why They Are For Obama/Iran Nuke Deal, Video

Congressional Democrats have done a great job laying out the terms of the Iran nuclear deal, a Free Beacon SuperCut finds.

These members of Congress explained how Iran will ramp up its campaign of terrorism and Middle East destabilization with funds gained through the nuclear deal. They expressed “concern”—grave concern, even—over key concessions such as the curtailment of inspections on Iran’s military sites, the removal of a ban on arms sales to Iran, and the 15-year sunset clause on restrictions to Iran’s ability to enrich nuclear material.

Still, as other Democrats have unceasingly reminded us, the Iran deal was ultimately an inviolable vote of conscience for each member of Congress.


The consciences of the Democrats portrayed here led them to stick with their party in blocking a vote on the deal.


SEN. RON WYDEN: Let me tell you: some of the issues I’m concerned about at this point are as follows.

When this all began the focus was on dismantlement. It seems like this has moved now to be about accepting it.

We were really under the assumption that there would be anywhere, anytime inspections.

SEN. JEFF MERKLEY: [The deal] does not sustain the current U.N. ban on Iran’s importation of conventional arms. It does not dictate how Iran can spend the dollars from cash assets that are frozen. These exclusions are troubling.


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  1. It’s stunning that they know the truth, yet, vote for the opposite and get away with it.
    How do they live with themselves?


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