Denver City Council Has Religious Test For Contractors

Denver City Council Has Religious Test For Contractors

The Denver City Council delayed the routine approval of a contract for Chick-fil-A to operate one of its restaurants at the city’s airport after a “gay” council member charged corporate profits would be used “to fund and fuel discrimination.”

The attack on one of the most successful and most popular food franchises in the nation is just the latest since 2012, when CEO Dan Cathy expressed his view that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.

At one point, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel threatened to refuse to allow the company to open any restaurants in Chicago. He later dispatched an aide to say he really wouldn’t do that.

Liberty Counsel President Mathew Staver at the time said such a move would be unconstitutional anyway. But he said the reaction to Cathy’s support of the historic definition of marriage proved homosexual activists are militantly intolerant and want to intimidate and silence critics rather than engage in debate.

The Denver Post reported that the routine contract with Chick-fil-A was pending before the council when Councilman Paul Lopez called it “really, truly a moral issue on the city.”

The company repeatedly has assured the government it follows nondiscrimination laws and regulations.

But the Post said Robin Kniech, the council’s first openly “gay” member, said she was most worried about a local franchise generating “corporate profits used to fund and fuel discrimination.”

Councilman Jolon Clark said, “We can do better than this brand in Denver at our airport, in my estimation.”

City attorneys are expected, the Post reported, to brief the committee at the next meeting, Sept. 1, on the legal implications of citing a religious belief as justification for rejecting a routine contract.

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