Pope Francis In Fiery Speeches, Excoriates Economic Freedom, Ignores Worst Cases Of Income Inequality And Injustice

Pope Francis In Fiery Speeches, Excoriates Economic Freedom, Ignores Worst Cases Of Income Inequality And Injustice

NYT: ASUNCIÓN, Paraguay — His speeches can blend biblical fury with apocalyptic doom. Pope Francisdoes not just criticize the excesses of global capitalism. He compares them to the “dung of the devil.” He does not simply argue that systemic “greed for money” is a bad thing. He calls it a “subtle dictatorship” that “condemns and enslaves men and women.”

Having returned to his native Latin America, Francis has renewed his left-leaning critiques on the inequalities of capitalism, describing it as an underlying cause of global injustice, and a prime cause of climate change. Francis escalated that line last week when he made a historic apology for the crimes of the Roman Catholic Church during the period of Spanish colonialism — even as he called for a global movement against a “new colonialism” rooted in an inequitable economic order.

The Argentine pope seemed to be asking for a social revolution.

“This is not theology as usual; this is him shouting from the mountaintop,” said Stephen F. Schneck, the director of the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic studies at Catholic University of America in Washington.

The last pope who so boldly placed himself at the center of the global moment was John Paul II, who during the 1980s pushed the church to confront what many saw as the challenge of that era, communism. John Paul II’s anti-Communist messaging dovetailed with the agenda of political conservatives eager for a tougher line against the Soviets and, in turn, aligned part of the church hierarchy with the political right.

Francis has defined the economic challenge of this era as the failure of global capitalism to create fairness, equity and dignified livelihoods for the poor — a social and religious agenda that coincides with a resurgence of the leftist thinking marginalized in the days of John Paul II. Francis’ increasingly sharp critique comes as much of humanity has never been so wealthy or well fed — yet rising inequality and repeated financial crises have unsettled voters, policy makers and economists.  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/12/world/americas/in-fiery-speeches-francis-excoriates-global-capitalism.html?_r=0 

AUN-TV would like to examine Pope Francis words.  It has been know for decades that the freer an economy is the more well fed and safe the population is.  And where you have the least economic freedom, something Francis seems to be arguing for, is where you have the most starvation and highest income inequality.

What Pope Francis seems to be ignorantly wishing for is where economic freedom is banned.  North Korea is the the most pure example of that.

If Pope Francis were to be a citizen there and say he believed in Jesus Christ he would be tortured and possible executed.  If he had children they would  be put in prison for life, because of one spoken sentence by their father. The royal leader there has $5 billion in cash, while the people starve in misery and slavery.  Pope Francis seems to not have any idea what would happen if he got his way, lets hope at least.

Here is a list of how it has worked out in North Korea:

There are many things at which North Korea is Number One:


1.   It has the greatest wealth inequality in the world.

2.  It is the most closed and secretive country in the world.

3.  It is the most purely Communist/Marxist/Collectivist country in the world.

4.  It is the most anti-American country in the world.

5.  It has the highest percentage of the population, in concentration camp slavery.

6.  It has the highest long-term starvation level, of any country in the world.

7.  It threatens other countries with nuclear war, more than any other country in the world.

8.  It has the greatest amount of physical and mental stunting of children in the world, through malnutrition. North Koreans are 3″ to 6″ shorter than South Koreans.

9.  It is the first country to retrogress into a royal aristocracy in the last 100 years, that has achieved blood line succession to the third generation.

10.  It is the most militaristic country in the world, proud of its “Military First” policy, which calls for the starvation of lower class peasants, to provide more money for the upper class to buy military weapons.

11.  It has the most extreme personality cult in the world, in which people have been tortured and murdered by the government, for not crying loud enough at a funeral.

Read More about how Pope Francis suggestions have worked in North Korea: http://aun-tv.com/2014/08/worlds-greatest-wealth-inequality-kim-jong-un-has-5-billion-cash-while-people-starve/ 

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