Data-Mining And Sharing By Companies Cooperating With The Common Core Testers

Data-Mining And Sharing  By Companies Cooperating With The Common Core Testers

“In following the money and the paper trail of organizations deeply involved with Common Core, such as the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) who have created the CC Tests, as well as companies hired to administer the tests, we have discovered the real intention of the Common Core program,” asserts John Eppolito, “to glean detailed and private information about each child tested to use for private and governmental purposes, which we can only assume is to either make money, control the children/families, or both.”

“The following is the documentation that supports this deduction,” Mr. Eppolito said:

               *After months of ‘bidding,” Nevada chose McGraw-Hill to administer the testing at a cost over four years of $51 Million to the citizens of Nevada.  Within the same month after being chosen, McGraw-Hill sold their testing operation to Data Recognition Corporation (DRC).  Nevada Department of Education chose to transfer their contract to DRC.

               *DRC conducts “psychometric services” to incoming data.  What does that mean?

               *It is a fact that SBAC has already partnered with American Institute for Research (AIR) to create an online testing delivery system:

               * In addition we know AIR’s founder John Flannigan ( was the chief psychologist involved in Eugenic experiments via the Pioneer Fund.…-a086064877The stated purpose of the Pioneer Fund was to “increase the birth rate among superior groups.   and

               *On the AIR site, they claim to be “one of the world’s largest behavioral and social science research and evaluation organizations”

* The National Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research (CALDER) is now based at AIR’s corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C.   CALDER says in its mission, it “strives to inform education policy development through analyses of data on individual students and teachers over time.”

               * In the SBAC’s contract with the US Department of Education, “the SBAC is required to ‘provide timely and complete access to any and all data collected at the state level’ to the federal government DoE, or its designated program monitors, technical assistance providers, or researcher partners, and to GAO, and the auditors conducting the audit required…”  [Contract Section N – 6, Appendix F 5-B]:

               “In other words,” Mr. Eppolito points out, “SBAC is required to provide the information to almost anyone who asks.  It appears that both the DRC and AIR will be getting raw data gleaned from the SBAC tests…which have been deemed by both academic authorities and psychologists to be ‘age inappropriate.’  Therefore, DRC, AIR and CALDER are acquiring the data, and they are experts in translating data into psychological profiles.  Since the Federal Government has already stated that it wants to follow children from cradle to grave, we can assume that they also may want to control them, and make decisions for them, based on conclusions by these companies.  We can only guess at their aim and purpose.  But we certainly know that they have, and will continue to get the data, and data-mine it for purposes not stated,” concluded Mr. Eppolito.

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