$60,000 Of College Debt Learns You Much Snooki But Leaves You Ignorant Of Important Things, Videos

$60,000 Of College Debt Learns You Much Snooki But Leaves You Ignorant Of Important Things, Videos

Please no comments on the title grammar, on purpose. This is however a very serious matter. The following videos show college students often become debt slaves and yet learn very little to make them good citizens. The questions they can not answer in the videos could have been answered by most of my 7th grade classmates. Yet college seems to teach them all about Snooki.

It raises the question if the Education Establishment is purposely trying to create ignorant college students so they can be more easily politically manipulated?  Or is it to make them less employable so then end up on “welfare” which also makes them more politically controlled by one political party?

First the college student interviews by PoliTech:

A note on the above video, the student that said “America” was correct and should have been credited as such. The war was between the USA and Democrat Confederates.

Next how seemingly learning little, can lead to lifetime college debt slavery, with thoughts on this by Mike Rowe:


Fresno Interviews By Stuart Webb About Biden Got The Same Results as Texas.

Ignorance of even the names of out elected leaders is not just a problem for college students.  John Ziegler interviewed voters in 2008 after they voted and almost ever Obama Voter incorrectly thought Republicans controlled both the US Senate and House, which were both controlled by Democrats.  Ignorant voters seem to clearly benefit the Democratic Party, and a Zogby poll has backed that up.

Since political ignorance benefits the Democrats and Democrats have almost total control of government schools, should be we surprised college students are so ignorant?


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