Why The Confederate Flag Should Really Be Brought Down, Battle Flag Of A Political Party

Why The Confederate Flag Should Really Be Brought Down, Battle Flag Of A Political Party

If today California were to make the Democrat flag the flag for the State, replacing the bear flag, would that be right?  Most Californians are Democrats it could be argued.  But that is very un-American, it goes against the American motto of “Liberty and Justice for All”.  It implies that California and its rights are just for Democrats.


If Governor Jerry Brown California were to  instead try and make the National Socialist Battle Flag of Adolf Hitler’s Army the State Flag there would be even more outrage, and rightly so.  It could be argued that California and Brown are quite Socialist, however the National Socialist military was the second most deadly army the US Army has ever faced.   They shot and stabbed to death about 136,000 Americans on the battlefield. 

This is why South Carolina should pull down the “Confederate” flag next to their state flag.  It is in certain ways worse that using the present Democrat flag or the NAZI flag.  That is because it is both. Technically that flag is the battle flag of General Lee’s Northern Virginia Army, but it represents both the entire Confederate Army and a political party, the Democratic Party, which controlled the Confederate Army.

When Democrats lost their first national election to Republicans in the 1860 election they seceded from the United States and went to war against the United States, in April of 1861.   The Democrat military killed 365,000 [4]  and wounded 282,000 [3]  which is far worse than the NAZIs did to America. The NAZI military killed about 136,000.  /USA/Casualties/  

So the “Confederate Flag” symbolizes a political party and the most deadly enemy the US Army has ever faced on the battlefield.  It was not part of the state flag of any state until after the Democrats regained the state governments, after Reconstruction, by terrorizing, murdering and and other means of preventing Blacks from voting.   It was not flown over the South Carolina statehouse until 1962, when the Democrat legislature voted to do so as a symbol of preventing equal rights for Blacks.  Their action also symbolized they still could not admit they were wrong about human slavery and starting the Civil War.

The “Democrat Battle Flag” should not be on any state capitol as it symbolizes unequal rights by race, unequal rights be political party and the most deadly enemy the US military has ever faced.

  1. The Confederate flag has a complicated history. I appreciate the information in this article. Now, it has been tried in the ‘Media’ and found guilty. Regarding the case on Roof, I want to know who, what, where, when, why and how was Roof on drugs? At
    what age and from whom did he get his first drug? Street drugs…psych drugs or both?
    Peer pressure or…….? etc..


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