Ted Cruz: ‘Darkest 24 Hours In Our Nation’s History’

Ted Cruz: ‘Darkest 24 Hours In Our Nation’s History’

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Friday slammed the gay marriage and Obamacare rulings by the Supreme Court as “naked and shameless judicial activism” and called on Congress to support a constitutional amendment leaving the definition of marriage to the states.

“In order to provide the people themselves with a constitutional remedy to the problem of judicial activism and the means for throwing off judicial tyrants, I am proposing an amendment to the United States Constitution that would subject the justices of the Supreme Court to periodic judicial-retention elections,” Cruz wrote. “As a constitutional conservative, I do not make this proposal lightly. … But, sadly, the Court’s hubris and thirst for power have reached unprecedented levels.”

“Six justices joined the Obama administration,” he said, “You now have Barack Obama, Kathleen Sebelius, and six justices responsible for forcing this failed disaster of a law (Obamacare) on millions of Americans — and simply rewriting the law in a way that is fundamentally contrary to their judicial oaths.”

Cruz then turned his attention to Friday’s 5-4 ruling saying that Americans have a constitutional right to gay marriage in all 50 states. “Today, this radical decision purporting to down the marriage laws of every state,” he began. “It has no connection to the United States Constitution.

“I’ve introduced a constitutional amendment that would protect the authority of state legislatures to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. We should pass that amendment,” Cruz said.

“I’ve also introduce legislation stripping the federal courts of jurisdiction over legal assaults on marriage. “The Constitution explicitly gives Congress the power strip jurisdiction.”

Cruz then slammed fellow Republicans for not “willing to stand up and fight for that.” “The sad truth to that is leadership supports each those decisions,” Cruz told Hannity. “A lot a lot of Republicans put out statements today saying they were unhappy.

“They were crying crocodile tears, because privately they’re celebrating and popping champagne. “They don’t actually want stand up and do anything to stop it. They were overjoyed at the marriage decision, because they don’t want to defend marriage and they’re running away from it.” “is fundamentally dishonest and corrupt.”

“The Court’s brazen action undermines its very legitimacy,” Cruz said. “Liberty is in the balance. Not only are the Court’s opinions untethered from reason and logic, they are also alien to our constitutional system of limited and divided government.

“By redefining the meaning of common words, and redesigning the most basic human institutions, this court has crossed from the realm of activism into the arena of oligarchy.


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