Sick Minds In The Media

Sick Minds In The Media

Remember the wholesome programs “Touched by an Angel” and “Highway to Heaven?” How things have changed. Fox is preparing a new show simply
called ” Lucifer” starring Satan as a good guy. Broadcaster Jerry Kenney suggests a new title, “I Love Lucifer,” which more accurately captures the trends in the media these days.

A popular network show, ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” took a surprising turn when two men competing for the same attractive woman suddenly took a
sexual interest in each other. But showering praise on the gay lifestyle is getting to be old hat.

Our media are indeed consumed with the most extreme of the sexual minorities available, and they can’t wait to seize on another oddball
behavior to promote on national television.

Here’s the latest ABC show, “Becoming Us,” which aired on Monday night on the ABC Family network: “Ben, from Evanston, Ill. is your typical
17-year-old. He goes to school, hangs out with his girlfriend, and enjoys spending time with his family. But there’s something unique about Ben’s
situation: His father is becoming a woman.”

ABC Family is owned by Disney, once known for pro-family programming. It is the parent company of ABC News. It was the ABC Family show “The
Fosters” which featured a gay kiss a couple of months ago between two of the family drama’s 13-year-old male characters.

This is how the wholesome term “family” is being twisted into something it is not. You can’t even switch channels without getting hit in the face with the
endless promotion of “alternative” lifestyles and sexual perversion.

The New York Times ran a front-page headlined “Transgender Children’s Books Fill a Void and Break a Taboo.” The paper reported, “This year, children’s publishers are releasing around half a dozen novels in a spectrum of genres, including science fiction and young adult romance, that star transgender children and teenagers.”

Against this trend of one perversity after another, we see a few conservative personalities in the media giving in, while claiming that their adoption of what used to be radical liberal standards of morality now constitutes the new conservative position. Hence, Greg Gutfeld of Fox News has declared that “gay marriage, in my opinion, is a conservative idea.”
But he’s fawning over one of the latest progressive causes, that of gay marriage. Can his endorsement of transgenderism be far behind? After all, doesn’t Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner claim to be a Republican? This trend caught the sympathetic eye of the Media Matters group, run by a homosexual and former conservative by the name of David Brock. Media Matters ran the item “Has Fox News Evolved On Marriage Equality, Too?”

It turns out Gutfeld is not alone at Fox. During the January 21 edition of Fox’s program “The Five,” co-hosts Dana Perino and Eric Bolling, according to Media Matters, “admitted that they agreed with the President on same-sex marriage, opting instead to half-heartedly criticize Obama for changing his position on the issue.”

The far-left “media watchdog” noted that the program returned to the topic the next night and that Gutfeld declared, “I was for gay marriage before Obama!”, while Perino “denied that the Republican Party was opposed to marriage equality” and asked “who talks about gay marriage anymore?”

It appears that those who are talking about gay marriage in a negative manner are not going to be getting much attention from Fox News. This is how the so-called herd mentality of the media operates, and how views that used to be conservative are marginalized and even transformed into something they are not.

This is what in fact has happened in Britain, where the Conservative Party has enthusiastically embraced gay marriage and Christians are losing their jobs and even being arrested for objecting to the new politically correct view.

There is, however, some good news from Britain, where a woman named Sarah Mbuyi has won her case for wrongful dismissal. She had been fired for a conversation with a colleague about homosexuality and gay marriage. The group Christian Concern reports that the 31-year-old Mbuyi was fired from her job at a nursery in West London after having a conversation with a homosexual colleague in which she explained the biblical position on homosexuality and marriage. An employment tribunal found that Mbuyi had been discriminated against because of her beliefs.

It is this dangerous anti-Christian trend that traditional conservatives are trying to resist. It would be nice if they could find some support from the “conservative” Fox News Channel.

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