Persecution Of The Church By Civil Authority And Government

When ecclesiastical and civil power marries, something evil always emerges. When Papal authority and civil powers married it produced the dark ages.

When the false religion of Islam married the civil authority of Arab nations it produced Boko, Al Qaeda, Isis, Hamas Hezbollah and other extreme movements that see death and torture as integral to their message.

We are quick to say that most of the Muslim faith is comprised of middle of the road moderates who do not believe in that kind of extremism. The truth is that the moderates make up the smallest numbers of Muslims who do not believe in violence.

Yet, once again civil and ecclesiastical powers will merge for a short period, but the inevitability of megalomaniacs to trump all will follow when the ecclesiastical powers will be cast off and one man will emerge to become the world’s last dictator.

History is the greatest teacher and witness that man will always repeat the past because it is not the past that is the plague of mankind, but the very present nature of mankind that endures through the ages. That Adamic nature flowers in all its fullness at the last days of time as we know it. We are born with a sin nature that will follow us until it is finally dealt with by severe judgment. Wish there was another cure for the unbelieving, but don’t hold your breath.

By no means is this list of proofs comprehensive, but it encompasses most of the well-known cases in history which serves as proof positive that, whether we like it or not, religion and politics do mix, but often it is the church that loses the most – at least for now

From the Bible we see Ahab persecuting the prophets, Nebuchadnezzar trying to burn God’s servants alive and feed some to the lions, Pharaoh oppressing Israel for 400 years, Herod killing babies to circumvent the birth of Messiah, Pilate, Agrippa, Caiaphas, Nero and more chasing down, arresting and murdering Christians by the thousands.

From the pages of history and in today’s political climate we see Mao and today’s leaders of China suppressing and persecuting the Chinese Christians. Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and groups like ISIS and others are spreading death and havoc among the Christians in the Middle East.

The Obama administration is offending the sensibilities of Christians with abortifacient mandates and the approach of sodomite perverted marriages.

We can throw in the more well-known evil anti-Christian and anti-Jewish scourges of Hitler, and Joseph Stalin, who crushed the Eastern Church in his day. In the end it is clear that those who ignore civil rulers who are borderline despots, and legislative and judicial action that is anti-Christian, end up paying dearly for clinging to the foolish adage about politics and religion not mixing.

As long as we can pray and then vote, become active against Godlessness on all levels of governance we do not have to see evil flourish as it does this day.

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