Kill The Slave Masters

The New Black Panther leader whose party at one point offered a $10,000 reward for George Zimmerman, “dead or alive,” before Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges in Trayvon Martin’s death now is rhapsodizing about the possibility of violence against “slave masters” in connection with the murders of nine people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina.

At a rally there on Tuesday, Malik Zulu Shabazz called for the completion of the mission of Denmark Vesey, a slave who strategized to kill slave masters nearly two centuries ago when the church where the nine were murdered was being founded.

It was a “Save the Black Church” rally Tuesday, not far from Mother Emanuel AME Church, the scene of an attack at a prayer meeting allegedly perpetrated by Dylann Roof, now under arrest and facing nine counts of murder, as well as possible hate-crime counts from the federal government.

It was also just one of two recent incidents where black activists made suggestive comments. In fact, the promotion by Louis Farrakhan, a Nation of Islam leader, of his coming “Justice … or else!” event was being called out by another black activist over the threatening nature.

“It’s these type of threats against white Americans and this country that is causing other white people to become angry and fed up,” said Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, chief of Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, about Farrakhan’s comments. He compared Farrakhan with South Carolina mass murder suspect Dylann Roof for making “serious terrorist threats” about violence.

“Vesey had a plan to kill all the slave masters in the state,” Shabazz said at his rally. “All of their [expletive deleted] families. We need some Denmark Veseys today. We got to complete what Denmark didn’t finish.”

He led the crowd in a chant of “Black power” and “by any means.” And continued with another, “What do we want? Justice, When do we want it? Now.” “We came to change the order here,” he said. “We don’t forgive nobody.”

Shabazz’ comments contrasted starkly with multiple of statements from families of the shooting victims who said, as Christians, they forgive the shooter, although they still expected justice to be pursued.

Vesey’s plan, which was unsuccessful, was for a slave revolt. Shabazz suggested Vesey wanted to take blacks to Haiti.

Reports said the 1822 rebellion plan was to “seize Charleston’s arsenals and guard houses, kill the governor, set fire to the city, and kill every white man they saw,” according to PBS.

Word, however, was leaked, and Vesey was arrested. He and dozens of others were hanged.

The Christian Post reported that the New Black Panther Party offered the “dead or alive” reward for Zimmerman, who later was cleared of all charges for the death of the teen, Martin.

At the time, Shabazz said Zimmerman would “always be hunted and hated like the villain that he is and the demon that he is to many.” Regarding Farrakhan’s comments, Peterson has written on this very topic in his book, “Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America.”


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