Practically any politician who proclaims a belief in even the most modest regulation of abortion is labeled as “anti-woman” and part of a so-called “war on women.”

Ironically, that’s even the case when it comes to matters like parental consent laws, waiting periods, full-disclosure requirements about the risks, late-term abortions and restrictions on the use of the procedure for the purpose of sex selection of babies.

In China, where population control is severely enforced, abortion is widely used to eliminate girls after determining through ultrasound the sex of the child. As a result, far more boys than girls are birthed every year. In Vietnam, where boys are preferred for cultural reasons, women resort to abortion for sex selection to please their husbands. Recently, one Vietnamese woman appeared on Vietnamese television to explain she had aborted 18 baby girls so she could give her husband the son he wanted.

That’s when the World Health Organization, part of the United Nations, released a report explaining that 50 million women were estimated to be “missing” from the population in China because of the institutionalized killing and neglect of girls due to Beijing’s one-child policies. Many of the girls were killed while still in the womb – the victims of ultrasound technology that revealed the baby’s sex. Others, WHO said, were starved to death after birth, the victims of violence or were not treated when they became ill.

Just to put this story in perspective, WHO was documenting what can only be described as the biggest single holocaust in human history – and doing it in a surprisingly clinical and low-key fashion
Can there be any doubt it happens in the U.S. at least sometimes? Should it ever happen? Can “progressives” admit there are bad reasons to get an abortion?
It’s important for you to understand the reality of “abortion on demand”as the de facto law of the land.

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