95 Kenyan Schools Close Because Of Danger Of Muslims Murdering Christians

95 Kenyan Schools Close Because Of Danger Of Muslims Murdering Christians

At least 95 public schools in northern Kenya have been closed indefinitely after Christian teachers in the area refused to work due to fear of an attack from radical Muslim groups such as al-Shabaab whose members slaughtered 148 Christian students at Garissa University in April.

Many of these schools employ Christians as teachers, leaving them unable to operate after this latest walkout.

“Teachers left and did not report back, so some schools have since closed down,” said Roman Catholic Joseph Alessandro of the Garissa Diocese.

Jacob Kaimenyi, the cabinet secretary of Kenya’s Ministry of Education, confirmed that about 95 schools have been closed, with nearly 500 others facing the possibility of shutting down as more than 2,000 teachers refuse to resume work.

Church schools have also been affected by the walkout, however, many are still open with fewer students and teachers present.

“We are trying our best not to shut down,” said Kaimenyi. “Parents had asked for security in schools and the government has provided some.”

Christian teachers fear the radical Muslim group al-Shabaab which claimed blame for the vicious attack at Garissa University in Kenya where 148 Christian students were shot and killed last month.The terror group reportedly separated Christian students from Muslim students before killing the Christians.    http://www.christianpost.com/news/almost-100-public-schools-in-kenya-close-after-more-than-2000-christian-teachers-refuse-to-work-fearing-attack-from-radical-muslims-139829/


A police source has said that despite the alarm sounding last week of the massacre taking place at Garissa University College in Kenya, where close to 150 Christian students were killed, authorities took hours to respond, and ever arrived at the scene after politicians and journalists.

The source, who wasn’t named, told CNN on Monday that the government’s rapid response team was held up in the capital of Nairobi for hours, apparently arranging for transport, before it finally made its way to Garissa.

The authorities arrived even after some politicians and Nairobi-based journalists, but were able to gun down the four terrorists carrying out the slaughter 10 hours after the attack began.  http://www.christianpost.com/news/kenyan-authorities-took-hours-to-respond-to-garissa-univeristy-attack-where-148-christian-were-killed-despite-alarm-police-source-says-136986/ 

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