The Long Night Of Republican Suicide, “Leadership” Supports Secret ObamaTrade Bill, Whose Side Are They On?

The Long Night Of Republican Suicide, “Leadership” Supports Secret ObamaTrade Bill, Whose Side Are They On?

Judson Phillips dissects what he calls Republican Suicide, Matt Drudge calls it Treason. Are they both missing what is really going on?

Who says the Republican leadership, people like John Boehner and Mitch O’Connell are Republicans or want Republicans to win?  Robert Hannsen claimed to be a FBI agent and the FBI thought he was too. He ended up being a traitor and KGB spy.

Aldrich Ames claimed to be a CIA agent and the CIA thought he was too. He ended up being a traitor and KGB spy.

What evidence is there that the Republican leadership is actually trying to win?   We asked a group of Republican volunteers, party officials and even elected Republican politicians in Reno that question. After reviewing a series of 20 questions, such as what has the RNC doing about their greatest weaknesses such as students in government schools being indoctrinated into being Democrats (the answer was absolutely nothing) the group had a awakening and by a vote of 40 to 1 decided the evidence indicated the “Establishment”, the RNC, McConnell and Boehner, are not trying to win.
How can the Democrats take over the leadership of the RNC?  Its easy to do. With the NSA having recordings of all our phone calls, blackmail becomes easy.  Also unlike the FBI and CIA that spend hundreds of millions to prevent foreign agents from joining their organizations, the RNC does not spend a penny on counterintelligence.  Anyone can register as a Republican and volunteer for Party activities.  All they have to do is volunteer for everything and kiss up to everyone and in a year or two they will be part of the Republican Party apparatus.  It is literally over 100 times easier to place moles in the RNC than the FBI or CIA.   

Matt Drudge took to Twitter to deliver an ongoing tirade against Republicans’ eagerness to deliver a fast-track trade bill to President Obama’s desk. The bill’s details have not been made public — which hasn’t stopped Republicans from surrendering Congress’s power to make amendments to a president’s future trade deals.

Should a Republican presidential candidate lose the 2016 general election, the Trade Promotion Authority bill could be to blame. Keeping the bill’s details from voters was “clearly treason,” Drudge tweeted.


– – Monday, May 25, 2015    The Long Night Of Republican Suicide

When the 2016 elections are over and the history of those elections is written, the Friday before Memorial Day may go down in history as the day the Republican Party committed suicide.

Ten years ago, the Republicans held the White House and they controlled both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Then they managed to blow it. By 2006, the public was tired of the Republicans, for among other things not keeping their promises.

Two years later, in a further repudiation to the Republican Party, the American people voted in the most liberal Democrat in the history of the nation. They also gave the Democrats absolute control of the Senate as well as the House of Representatives. In 2010, America voted Republicans into control of the House based on the promise they would fight President Obama. Despite the fact they did not, the GOP ran on fighting Mr. Obama in 2014 and they took control of the Senate.

Less than six months into their tenure in control of the Senate, the Republicans have now dealt themselves a mortal blow that will probably cost them the Senate in 2016.

Instead of fighting the Obama agenda, the Washington Republican leadership has embraced it. Friday, over the strenuous objections of conservatives, the Senate passed what is known as “Trade Promotional Authority.” The only possible second term victory for Obama is negotiating and passing the Transpacific partnership that critics call Obamatrade. Mr. Obama promised when he was pushing Obamacare, “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” Under Obamatrade, critics now mock that saying, “If you like your job, you can keep your job.”

Conservatives were promised that a Republican Senate majority along with the House Republican majority would fight the Obama regime. Instead of working to dismantle Obamacare or to cut the out of control spending, the Republicans want to give Mr. Obama a blank check to write a treaty that could effect every part of American life from what we eat to what we see on the Internet.

The Pew Research Center just released new polling data on May 21. That poll shows that only 37 percent of Republicans believe Republican leaders are keeping their campaign promises. That is just the Republicans. Overall only 23 percent believe Republican leaders keep their campaign promises and only 20 percent of independents.  Read more:


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