Obama’s Bin Laden Story, Was It A Lie? New Revelations

Obama’s Bin Laden Story, Was It A Lie? New Revelations

A bombshell story out of London overnight that destroys much of the Obama White House’s preferred and politically-motivated narrative on the Osama bin Laden assassination four years ago last week. Let’s see if the mainstream media can ignore it.

The story by Seymour Hersh debunks the notion that it was the administration’s admirably dogged pursuit of the terrorist villain that found him in a fortified house in Abbottabad, Pakistan in 2011. That version fit Obama’s evolving 2012 election campaign narrative that al Qaeda was on the run and Osama bin Laden was dead, thanks, you know, to the incumbent president.

In Hersh’s account, bin Laden’s location was handed to the CIA by an ex-Pakistani intel officer seeking the $25 million reward, who now works for the intelligence agency in Washington. When he passed a polygraph test, the agency began monitoring the housing compound via satellite and local agents. You can read Hersh’s full account here.

Another key detail from the new story is that a handful of top Pakistani intelligence officials eventually knew of the CIA tracking and the impending raid but played dumb for their own domestic well-being and, who knows, perhaps some money exchanged hands.

This helps explain the raid’s uncontested access into and out of Pakistani territory, a local “power failure” coinciding with the raid and the strange lack of response from a nearby major military post to noisy helicopters, gunshots and explosions during the midnight raid.

What you’ll likely hear first today is attempted debunking and questioning of the Hersh account from some D.C. media and, later, the White House. They will question especially the credibility of Hersh.

Getting scooped on likely the biggest story of the Obama presidency raises the hackles of any journalist. Worse, it’s by someone from outside the capital’s media pack, a rogue who’s exposing everyone else’s laziness.

Hersh is indeed a controversial and personally abrasive fellow. He’s accustomed to attacks on his reports and credibility. He’s also accustomed to being proven right more often than not over time, as he was with his reports on the 1968 My Lai massacre in Vietnam and the Abu Gharib prisoner abuses in Iraq.

The White House, of course, will play on media skepticism, desperately attempting to defuse a story that strikes at the heart of whatever residue of credibility remains after six-plus years of scandals, broken promises and misleading narratives. Can you say anti-Muslim video, decimated al Qaeda, Yemen success story, JV ISIS? And remember Obama originally dismissed Edward Snowden as a mere hacker. Read More: http://news.investors.com/politics-andrew-malcolm/051115-751922-seymour-hersh-osama-bin-laden-raid-obama-lie.htm

The Navy Seal, Rob O’Neil, who has claimed to have shot bin Laden says Seymour Hersh did not get his story right.



  1. It was announced in December of 2001 that bin Laden had died. So this story is as full of carp as OVOMIT’S!!!!!!!


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