Your TV and Cell Phone May Be Listening To You 24 Hours A Day, And ‘Forwarding’ To 3rd Parties!

Your TV and Cell Phone May Be Listening To You 24 Hours A Day, And ‘Forwarding’ To 3rd Parties!

In the recent Supreme Court case about government spying, the government admitted they have recorded about 80% of all phone calls made in the USA by Americans, and still had the recordings. Which means that almost all Americans could be blackmailed one way or another with such recordings.

Now its a step further as you will read below.  Some TV sets are listening to you!   Below is a video on how to stop it.  But then again how do we know their instructions work? Not only do Samsung Smart TV’s do this, but apparently many cell phones with voice recognition also are listening to you when you are not using them!

The bottom line, we find out these things, after they have happened.  So if you are using any connected (wired or wireless) electronic device, assume you are being listened to 24 hours a day.


From NewsWithViews:   I read George Orwell’s book 1984 in third grade in the 1950s and was riveted by Orwell’s depiction of what has now become known as the Orwellian State, where television sets watched and listened to people in their living rooms and bedrooms. Now, with the advent of a new generation of smart televisions and
smart devices that go on top of televisions, devices like those manufactured by Samsung Electronics, internet engine search companies, electronic game box companies, and other technology companies, voice recognition and visual recognition is possible.

According to some reports, Samsung’s new smart televisions can transmit your voice or the voice of anyone in the room to a third party and you can’t turn off the device.

According to the Daily Beast the new smart TV could potentially capture private conversations and transmit them to a third party or parties. Just who are those parties? The policy reads: “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party.”

However, these smart TVs and other smart devices made by many large manufacturers, not just Samsung, can be hacked into so that both the camera and microphone can spy on viewers in the privacy of their bedrooms or any other room in the house. A security firm has discovered a vulnerability in the new generation of smart TVs made by Samsung and other manufacturers that allows the microphone and high resolution camera to spy on the viewers. Sexual activities and intimate conversations, spiritual conversations, and non-politically correct conversations could be monitored by a Big Brother spy system!

Xbox Kinect, Skype, and the new smart televisions include facial recognition technology and may be vulnerable to hackers, who could be hired by corporations sifting for market data or government agencies seeking to spy on individuals, or even by someone looking to get “dirt” on someone to publicly discredit or blackmail them, according to the article “Samsung TVS Can Be Hacked to Spy On Viewers” by Paul Joseph Watson for on December 14, 2012.

The vulnerability of Samsung smart TVs to hackers was discovered by ReVuln, who noted that this security hole cannot shut down without voiding the TV’s warranty. So if you attempt to turn off the spy camera or microphone in your smart TV, you have voided your warranty. In addition, giant internet search providers and the largest cell phone companies are manufacturing set top boxes that will spy on Americans in their homes. All kinds of deceptive language is being used by app providers that requires users to “agree to a condition” that “allows the app to record audio with the microphone” on cellphones and other “smart” devices.

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