William Jefferson Clinton, A Third Term?

William Jefferson Clinton, A Third Term?

It took the socialists and communists – today known as progressives – nearly one hundred years to implant one of their own in the Oval Office. The leftist precursors to Barack Obama, of course, were the Clintons.

As reported in the April 26, 2015, issue of The New York Post, charity watchdog organization Charity Navigator reported that in 2013 the Clintons’ foundation took in more than $140 million in grants but spent just $9 million on direct aid. “The bulk of the foundation’s windfall was spent on administration, travel, salaries and bonuses, with the fattest payouts going to family friends.”


No doubt Ukranian oligarch Victor Pinchuk – the largest individual contributor to the Clinton Foundation, with donations approaching, if not exceeding $30 million in donations – got what he wanted when Bill agreed to facilitate a deal involving Pinchuk’s oil and gas shipments to Iran, a nation which was and still is on the U.S. terrorist-nation list. Why is it not a surprise to learn that the plan was approved by none other than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?


Another happy camper was mining billionaire Frank Giustra – who contributed a whopping $31.3 million donation to the Clinton Foundation, and followed with more extravagant donations – when Bill played a crucial role in helping him with a multimillion, probably billion dollar, deal in uranium mining with Kazakhstan. In June of 2010, when Hillary was Secretary of State, she signed off on Giustra’s deal to become the majority owner in Uranium One – which promises to provide uranium to the terrorist state of Iran.


In their post-White House years, Bill the globetrotter flourished, while Hillary had an undistinguished record as a one-term senator. Her four years as Secretary of State, however, have been marked by (1) the ongoing scandal and tragedy of Benghazi that left four Americans dead, (2) a drastically devolving Middle East, including our worst relationship with longtime ally Israel since its founding 67 years ago, (3) an “upset” button with Russia, (4) an astonishing six-billion dollars gone “missing” from the State Department under her watch, and now (5) 30,000 deleted e-mails.


In truth, Hillary is not qualified by any objective measure to be president. It is hilarious to watch interviewers asking random people on the street what Hillary has actually accomplished and see them draw complete blanks. But it is horrifying to watch TV anchors ask the same thing of Hillary’s backers and receive the identical, non-plussed reactions.


I suspect that Hillary, who is unsuited for the presidency not only by a lack of accomplishment but also by temperament and personality, will have her candidacy derailed either by imploding poll numbers or an indictment. She will fake an illness to get out of it, and have some shady doctor attest to her “condition.”


That will leave the country, probably six months before the election, with no Democrat running for the presidency, or, at best, a late entrant who has no chance of winning.


As stated, progressives have patience. But they simply cannot and will not tolerate the kind of excruciating hiatus they suffered when George W. Bush was president from 2002 to 2009. Not when they believe they’ve come so far in actualizing their hate-America goals:


  • A nationalized Obamacare health system.


  • Nationalized Common Core education.


  • A significantly diminished military.


  • Incipient control of the Internet.


  • A virtual trampling and spitting on the U.S. Constitution.


  • Just a little time needed to confiscate all the guns, to control the food supply, and to enact draconian measures to deal with global warming…oops, climate change.


  • Introduction of Muslim Brotherhood operatives into all levels of our government, including the Pentagon, State, Department of Homeland Security, and the White House.


The New York Times, The Washington Post, Politico, CNN NBC, MSNBC, on and on, are going after her for what they speculate – speculate?? – are conflicts of interest and possibly bribery and extortion in soliciting untold millions for the Clinton Foundation while Secretary of State, for facilitating the sale of 20 percent of the entire uranium-production capacity of the United States to Russia, and for failing to report accurately on at least five annual tax returns that are now, supposedly, being refiled. (That’s the short list).


Why, you may ask, are all of Hillary’s deficiencies coming to light now? I suspect it’s because the inside polls I mentioned are plummeting by the day. But more important, because it was always “the plan” to have Bill step in and complete the 100-year mission of transforming America into the kind of socialist-cum-communist country he and Hillary and Obama and all of their Progressive minions prefer.



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