I’m Not A Crook

I’m Not A Crook

 A lawyer who is fighting the U.S. government on several fronts, including pursuit of the content of Hillary Clinton’s privately controlled emails while secretary of state, says he won’t be derailed by the fact she wiped clean her computer server.

He’s just asking the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency for the copies of Clinton’s emails they intercepted.

The requests were filed by Larry Klayman of FreedomWatch, who has several cases against the government over Clinton’s release of information about Israel, her family foundation and the crash of the helicopter that killed members of Seal Team Six.

Pertinent to most of his work is the content of the emails on the server Clinton set up in her home while serving as secretary of state.

He’s asked judges to reopen some of his cases because no emails from the private server were produced in response to his previous requests.

Politico reported Clinton wiped clean the private server housing her email system.

The word came from Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., who is chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi. He said in a statement, “While it is not clear precisely when Secretary Clinton decided to permanently delete all emails from her server, it appears she made the decision after October 28, 2014, when the Department of State for the first time asked the secretary to return her public record to the department.”

No problem, wrote Klayman.

In a letter to the NSA, which was similar to a letter he sent to the CIA, he said his organization was submitting requests for documents under the Freedom of Information Act.

“It has been publicly revealed and officially confirmed that the NSA routinely and continuously intercepts and captures all or most electronic messages … sent and received by persons inside the United States and also worldwide. The U.S. government argues that this indiscriminate interception of emails on a massive scale is necessary, lawful and justified on grounds that the massive database collected and stored can later be searched, as needed. As a result, the NSA admits that it has copies of all emails sent or received by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State.”

Klayman’s letter noted there’s suspicion that some of the emails contain evidence of bribery and the sale of government services.

“Freedom Watch hereby requests that the Department of State produce all documents including correspondents, memoranda, documents, reports, records, statements, audits, lists of names, applications, diskettes, letters, expense logs and receipts, calendar or diary logs, facsimile logs, telephone records call sheets, tape recordings, video/movie recordings, notes, examination, opinions, folders, files, books, manuals, pamphlets, forms, drawings, charts, photographs, electronic mail, and other documents.”

The demand includes emails to and fr0m the hdr22@clintonemail.com address and a number of other addresses.

The NSA shouldn’t have a problem fulfilling the request, Klayman told WND.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/04/attorney-fighting-governmentasks-nsa-for-hillarys-emails/#r3Pi5jwojrrwOwFd.99


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