Al-Qaida Captures Yemen Port And Presidential Palace, Obama Calls Yemen Situation A Victory

Al-Qaida Captures Yemen Port And Presidential Palace, Obama Calls Yemen Situation A Victory

How can President Obama call Yemen a victory against terrorism?

There are two ways of looking at it.  One way, it is a colossal failure of competence and judgement by Obama, his second in one year.  

He called ISIS/ISIL the Islamic State  a JV (Junior Varsity) team not worthy of talking about on the subject of terrorist threats.  When Obama said that ISIS was in the early weeks of a sweep across the Middle East killing tens of thousands and capturing a territory larger than England, Scotland and Ireland combined, the greatest victory  for terrorism, possibly ever.  

When asked about any successes Obama has ever had against terrorism after the ISIS failure, he and his spokespeople choose Yemen as Obama’s greatest victory in his six years in office, just before Yemen became the first country to ever fall to Al-Qaida terrorists. Video below.

Its rather amazing just how successful terrorists have been with Obama as President.  Is it possible for him to really be that incompetent and failure prone?  Or is he really trying to help them win?  Which side is he really on?

If Obama was actually on the side of Muslim terrorists, how could things go much better than they have?  He could not say he was on their side,  if he is.  To help the Muslim terrorists, if that is his goal, he would have to claim to oppose them and ineffectively kill some of them.  In the same way the 911 Muslim hijackers were killed by plan.

It must be remembered that in the key years when a person is “growing up”, 5 to 10 years of age, by Obama’s own admission he spent 80% of those years in a Muslim country (Indonesia), adopted into a Muslim family, with no plans to ever leave that Muslim country.  He told his schoolmates he was going to be the Prime Minister of Indonesia one day.

Only a Muslim can be Prime Minister.  He was officially registered in school as a Muslim (Islam) and his Muslim adopted name was Barry Soetoro as you can see in his official school papers below.  

Then his mother sent him to America, against his will.  So he is significantly culturally an Indonesian and Muslim, by circumstances beyond his control, just as his 11 to 18 years made him significantly American  culturally, and again that was beyond his control.    Which side is he really on? Actions speak louder than words.


SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Al-Qaida militants traveling in convoys flying black banners captured a major port city in southern Yemen on Thursday, seizing government buildings and freeing inmates from a prison, including a top Saudi-born leader, security officials said.

The fall of Mukalla – the capital of Yemen’s largest province, Hadramawt – highlighted how al-Qaida is expanding its foothold in Yemen, taking advantage of the turmoil as a Saudi-led coalition backing the country’s beleaguered president tries to fend off a takeover by Shiite rebels.

Mukalla’s fall came as the rebels, known as Houthis, made dramatic advances in one of the main strongholds of the president’s loyalists, the southern city of Aden. The rebels broke into the center of Aden and briefly captured a presidential palace in the city.

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