Was Harry Reid Literally Beaten Into Retiring? Pictures Indicate 2 Separate Beatings

Was Harry Reid Literally Beaten Into Retiring? Pictures Indicate 2 Separate Beatings

From the first day the story about Harry Reid being beaten up by his exercise machine smelled like a cover-up. It never made any sense. Like an abused wife making excuses for bruises, Harry’s “story” never added up to this reporter.  Now that he has resigned Rush Limbaugh ends up seeing the same implausibility that Harry’s “exercise machine” could so thoroughly have beaten him up.

Independently both Rush and I have a hunch his resignation is related to his “beaten up” appearance.  Harry has not been able to recover in three months from “the beating” which broke many ribs and facial bones.

On looking for pictures of his beaten up appearance was shocked to see articles about his claimed “exercise machine” injury had pictures of radically different injuries!

Why is that?  Well Reid has had “beatings like” injuries before, including a dislocated shoulder, and those prior “exercise” injuries left pictures around that news companies reused making it look like he has had impossibly different injuries from the same accident.  The picture on left with right eye is the current claimed “exercise machine” injury which broke many ribs and facial bones.

Do you know of anyone who has ever received multiple broken bones in the rib cage and face from an exercise machine?  I do not know of anyone that has broken a single bone on exercise equipment.  These “exercise accidents” maybe are not accidents nor related to exercising.

The injuries are so implausible that Harry Reid had to admit that in a TV interview included in the below video by AUN-TV:

Maybe there is something out of the headlines causing the injuries and Reid’s decision.  Or maybe Reid is the most unlucky exerciser ever.

Could this story have anything to do with it? http://quietmike.org/2014/12/08/sheldon-adelson-attempting-use-harry-reid/ 

Did Reid do a deal to not run against Brian Sandoval? What reason could there be for that?  In a swing state the Democrats basically ran no one against Governor Sandavol in the last election??  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vowed last year that Democrats would field a serious challenger for Sandoval’s seat. But all the usual suspects begged off, leaving a field of political unknowns whose campaigns were in most cases largely invisible and in others non-existent.

“My joke during the primary was that I’d tell people there are eight people running for the gubernatorial nomination on the Democratic side, can you name one?” said Eric Herzik, a political science professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. “Most people would laugh and say, ‘No.’ ”

In the case of Tuesday’s primary, a plurality said, “None.”

“None of these candidates,” a ballot selection unique to Nevada election law, finished with 15,389 votes compared to 13,473 for Goodman. Next with 6,005 votes was Stephen Frye, a retired Army doctor who wants to legalize marijuana. http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2014/06/11/nevada-democrats-trail-none-as-choice-for-next-nevada-governor/   There does seem to be strange things that happen in Nevada politics.

Whatever the reason, the reason he retired is likely not the reason we are being told.


Harry Reid Beating a Man “Out” on the Ropes

Why would Harry Reid take a beating and not want to go to the public and to the police about it?  Well just such things happen all the time.  Usually it involves criminal activity by the victim they want kept secret.

There are super rare cases where victims admit to criminal behavior and ask the police convince the victim’s criminal associates to treat them better. The video above shows that and demonstrates by the policeman’s reaction just how rare it is.

Was Harry Reid beaten by criminal associates that felt double crossed by him?

First is he suspected of criminal behavior?

Senate majority leader Harry Reid, net worth is between 3 and 10 million dollars, according to OpenSecrets.org. When Harry Reid entered the Nevada legislature in 1982, his net worth was listed as between $1 million and $1.5 million “or more,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. So, since inquiring minds inquire, let’s try to figure out how Reid’s career in public service ended up being so lucrative. He hasn’t released his tax returns, which makes this an imperfect science, but looking at a few of his investments helps to show how he amassed his wealth.

In 2004, the senator made $700,000 off a land deal that was, to say the least, unorthodox. It started in 1998 when he bought a parcel of land with attorney Jay Brown, a close friend whose name has surfaced multiple times in organized-crime investigations and whom one retired FBI agent described as “always a person of interest.” Three years after the purchase, Reid transferred his portion of the property to Patrick Lane LLC, a holding company Brown controlled. But Reid kept putting the property on his financial disclosures, and when the company sold it in 2004, he profited from the deal — a deal on land that he didn’t technically own and that had nearly tripled in value in six years.

When his 2010 challenger Sharron Angle asked him in a debate how he had become so wealthy, he said, “I did a very good job investing.” Did he ever. On December 20, 2005, he invested $50,000 to $100,000 in the Dow Jones U.S. Energy Sector Fund (IYE), which closed that day at $29.15. The companies whose shares it held included ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, and ConocoPhillips. When he made a partial sale of his shares on August 19, 2008, during congressional recess, IYE closed at $41.82. Just a month later, on September 17, Reid was working to bring to the floor a bill that the Joint Committee on Taxation said would cost oil companies — including those in the fund — billions of dollars in taxes and regulatory fees. The bill passed a few days later, and by October 10, IYE’s shares had fallen by 42 percent, to $24.41, for a host of reasons. Savvy investing indeed. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/314025/how-did-harry-reid-get-rich-betsy-woodruff

There are constant rumors that Reid accepts bribes laundered through campaign contributions. Here is a ABC News video of just one of them, and two of the other suspects in this deal, high ranking Utah state officials have been recently arrested in connection to it. That news story is included in the above video and this link: http://www.good4utah.com/story/d/story/state-investigation-reveals-possible-corruption-


Rush Limbaugh has weighed in on the likelihood Reid was attacked by his “exercise machine”.


Limbaugh On Reid: ‘I Don’t Believe For A Minute’ He Was Injured On Exercise Machine

Harry Reid may be retiring, but the questions about him never stop coming from Rush Limbaugh.

On his Friday program, Limbaugh openly questioned the story that the Nevada Senator was injured in New Years Day accident on his exercise machine. Reid has incurred vision problems and visual bruising in the aftermath, being forced to wear sunglasses on the Senate floor.

“Does anybody believe that Harry Reid really had an accident with his exercise machine?” Limbaugh asked after touching on Reid’s announcement. “Does anybody really believe that’s why Harry Reid is still bruised and is still wearing dark glasses, what, months after this accident with his exercise machine?”

“I don’t believe for a minute that whatever happened to Harry Reid has anything to do with an exercise machine unless somebody repeatedly threw him into it,” Limbaugh said mocking Reid. “Harry Reid looks like and is acting like — and now with this announcement, behaving like — somebody who may have been beaten up.” http://dailycaller.com/2015/03/27/limbaugh-on-reid-i-dont-believe-for-a-minute-he-was-injured-on-exercise-machine-audio/

  1. The articles about Harry’s “accident” said the machine threw him across room into a cabinet. I thought from the beginning someone “tuned him up”!!


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