Hillary Clinton: ‘I Want The Public To See My Email’, Gov Secrets Transmitted?

Hillary Clinton: ‘I Want The Public To See My Email’, Gov Secrets Transmitted?

Clinton has been embroiled in controversy over her use of a personal email account during her tenure at the State Department, and reportedly hosting her own email server.

(TRNS) — Following nearly three days of silence, Hillary Clinton late Wednesday said that she wanted the public to see her emails from her personal account during her time at the State Department, and urged the department to release them as soon as possible.

“I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible,” Clinton tweeted from her Twitter account late Wednesday.
Clinton has faced an immense amount of backlash following the revelation that she used a personal email account, not a government run account, during her time as Secretary of State.

That controversy was intensified on Wednesday after a report from the Associated Press uncovered that Clinton ran her own private server for those emails, potentially shielding her from legal action that could be aimed at the release of those emails. Read More:  http://www.talkradionews.com/elections/2015/03/05/hillary-clinton-want-public-see-emails.html#.VPtm4vnF98F


Clinton Emails: Sensitive Info Transmitted?
• The govt will review a huge cache of Hillary Clinton’s emails for possible release after revelations she conducted official business as SecState in the shadows of a private account (AP, Hill, Politico, TRNS, TRNS, me)
• An anonymous senior State Dept official said Thursday the dept would review 55,000 pages of emails amassed from Clinton’s personal files to determine if there were any instances where she improperly transmitted sensitive info. State Dept policy holds that sensitive national security or diplomatic info can only be conveyed on secure channels except in certain circs
• The review was prompted by the disclosure that Clinton, in a departure from predecessors, relied exclusively on the private account for emails about govt business. The dept announced the review soon after Clinton tweeted that “I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them.” (Twitter is a weak way to try to get ahead of this)
• Her spox and State have said she never received or transmitted classified info on her private email account so there would appear to be no concerns about compromising national security. “She had other means of communicating through classified email through her assistants or her staff, with people,” (sounds a bit far-fetched and cumbersome to me)
• Clinton’s email practices gave her significant control over access to her message archives, highly unusual in govt.They also could complicate State’s legal responsibilities in finding and turning over official emails. The dept would be in the position of accepting Clinton’s assurance she was surrendering everything required that was in her control
WH Legal Counsel Didn’t Know
• The WH legal counsel’s office wasn’t aware of Clinton’s private email account until the committee sought her communications during an earlier exchange with the dept, according to an anonymous person familiar with the matter  Read More: http://www.talkradionews.com/news-notes/2015/03/06/112088.html 

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