Can A False Coerced Human Reality Be Created With Technology?

Can A False Coerced Human Reality Be Created With Technology?

What is Reality if nano robots can intercept electrical impulses inside our brains and replace them?   My personal belief is that God exists and there is one reality.   However many people deny reality on purpose or are manipulated into believing in fantasies.

Now it appears that, like the movie “The Matrix”, even truth seekers can be “taken over” without their knowledge.

Truth Stream Media has produced a documentary about this that is very thought provoking, their website is:





  1. Thank you for putting this information out. We have been trying to let people know that they are being controlled since Jim Keith’s book, “Mind Control, World Control.” But our controllers, the elitists, have gone so much further and we have put up so little resistance.

    When we all had to buy new televisions because “they” created a new frequency for us (research flicker rate) basically society was done. Then the cell towers which most of the first ones HAD to be installed on school grounds. Of course the old HAARP frequencies coordinated with the cell tower frequency to send any signal that these elitists desired, to our brains…..we were totally finished. God help us.

    Fortunately many of our young parents do not allow their children to watch regular television. So what did the elitists do? The SMART METERS and a new frequency grid (that sworn testimony declared “terrorists” could easily take down the whole USA). This new frequency not only spies within our homes but sends really dangerous frequencies throughout our bodies. Again, God help us.

    They put Fluoride and Chlorine in our water, destroy our food source with GMO’s and cheap machine oil (Canola), destroy our skies and air with chemtrails and now want forced inoculations. What about our right to determine what goes into our bodies? Autism numbers are rising to where our beautiful children will cost society more than we can pay in. See

    God help us…..


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