Will China Pull a “Switzerland” on the U.S. Dollar? Peter Schiff Video

Will China Pull a “Switzerland” on the U.S. Dollar? Peter Schiff Video

This video by Peter Schiff asks whether China will float their currency against the US Dollar.  This is a very important question.  If China does, it would trigger very large inflation in the United States.

How money is created in America is not understood by about 90% of voters.  It is created by a private bank called the Federal Reserve out of thin air, when they loan money to the US government and others.   It is one of the biggest censored news stories in America that if everyone paid off their loans, money would disappear.  When asked the Federal Reserve has admitted this.

The concept is so mind boggling it makes it easier to hide that fact.  To understand the Federal Reserve we are providing two videos below by G. Edward Griffin that do explain the Federal Reserve, first a short one and then a long one by. That is followed by a video on the federal Reserve by The Ludwig Von Mises Institute.

First here is Peter’s video.  AUN-TV is providing it without compensation as it exposes as serious issue that is being avoided by almost all news companies.

What is the Federal Reserve?

G. Edward Griffin-The Federal Reserve and the Solution to it:

Note: it starts with a joke you do not want to miss.



Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve, by The Ludwig Von Mises Institute


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