Sarah Palin Has Been On The Receiving End Of Brian Williams Fabrications

Sarah Palin Has Been On The Receiving End Of Brian Williams Fabrications

Fortunately there are reporters at the national level who do have integrity and are above reproach. Brian Williams, Chief anchor for NBC Nightly News is not one of them. He was recently exposed by military personnel to have falsely claimed his helicopter took enemy fire in Iraq in 2003.  Sarah Palin has something to say about Brian Williams confirmed lies from first hand experience and about the liberal media in general… It is worth a quick read.



By Sarah Palin:

Friends, this is a very important post I respectfully ask you to read through. Forgive its length. May it help you nail the coffin that’s given shelter to a corrupt press that would stop at nothing in their fight against right.

Reports today claimed Tom Brokaw was calling on his former network to fire Brian Williams for lying for years about being hit by enemy fire in Iraq. Brokaw apparently denies the reports. (Personally, I hope Williams keeps his job as the face of network news to remind America how this all works, and to justify our complete turning away from his ilk in mainstream media.) It appears that some at NBC did know that Williams was lying for over a decade but never said a thing about it. Keep in mind that Williams repeated his bogus story many times on air, yukked it up with David Letterman over the made up drama, and even accepted praise as a “war hero.”…/tom-brokaw-calls-for-brian-will…/

Let’s consider the herd mentality these journalists use to empower and cover for each other. It’s precisely the way a corrupt organization works, like a crime syndicate. Remember the “JournoList” scandal where hundreds of prominent members of the media were finally exposed for operating a secret internet chat group to strategize on how they would cover (read: spin) the news of the day to fit their leftwing agenda, regardless of truth? I haven’t forgotten. They would stop at nothing. I was aware of their collective unethical character not only because my college degree was earned using the complete opposite journalism tactics of JournoList’s, —

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For more facts on his scandal, read this AUN-TV story:

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