Republicans Should Declare War on the Pretend Mainstream Media, Not Their Members

Republicans Should Declare War on the Pretend Mainstream Media, Not Their Members

On February 27, funding for the Department of Homeland Security will run out unless Congress authorizes a new appropriation. The House passed such a bill some time ago, funding the department but denying funding for the immigration policies that President Obama instituted by executive order, despite the opinion of nearly everyone, including President Obama—22 times no less—that the president lacks the authority to issue such executive orders.

The Republican majority in the Senate has been trying to begin debate on this appropriations bill ever since. Unlike Harry Reid when he was majority leader, Mitch McConnell is willing to entertain amendments proposed by the minority and vote them up or down. The Democrats will have none of it. Three times the measure has been brought up and three times the Democratic minority has used the filibuster to prevent debate from even beginning. John Boehner, being interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, said that “… the House has done its job under the Constitution. It’s time for the Senate to do their job.”

But Wallace said:

I understand there’s two sides to the argument. Here’s the bottom line: the deadline is less than two weeks from now. And the fact is that you and Congress are going to be out on recess for the next week. Can you promise the American people with the terror threat only growing that you’re not going to allow funding for the Department of Homeland Security to run out?

Why is it up to Boehner to bend instead of the Democrats doing so? The answer is simple. As Jonah Goldberg tweeted, “So when GOP holds up things in Dem-run Senate, GOP is to blame. When Dems hold things up in GOP-run Senate, GOP is to blame. I see a trend.” Even Chris Wallace—the fairest and best of the Sunday morning talk show hosts—thinks that when push comes to shove on Capitol Hill, it is the Republicans who must yield, even when they hold majorities in both houses as they do now. Why? Because that is the way the mainstream media will always play the story.

What should Boehner do? I think he, and every Republican, should do what George H.W. Bush did to Dan Rather as the 1988 presidential race was heating up: eat the mainstream media alive.

They are the enemies of the Republican Party and should be treated as such. Stop trying to curry favor because you won’t get it. Bush laid a trap for Rather, insisting on the interview being live so it couldn’t end up on the cutting room floor. It totally flustered Rather, greatly energized Bush’s campaign, put the kibosh on his too-much-a-nice-guy image, and helped mightily to propel him to the White House.  Read More:  John Steele Gordon


Gordon makes a great point in regard to the George H Bush interview with Dan Rather.  It not only worked greatly to Bush’s favor and Dan Rather’s disfavor, it is hard to recall a similar interview a Republican has done in the 27 years since that interview.  Why have Republicans avoided repeating this success?

Why have Republicans never copied Ronald Reagan, the most successful vote getter the Republicans have had in a century?

Why has the Republican Establishment never created a “Ronald Reagan School”?  A school that teaches people to use Reagan’s methods and policies, to create new Reagans.    Reagan said “Government is not the solution, it is the problem.”    Why is that not repeated 100s of times an election, instead of the zero times McCain and Romney repeated it?   If a 55 year old Ronald Reagan appeared today he would win the primary and the presidential race by a landslide, and everyone knows that.  Why has the RNC never tried to create a new Reagan?


An easy answer as to why the Republican Establishment avoids using methods that are proven successes is that they are not trying to win, they are either being blackmailed (very easy being NSA recorded 90% of their phone calls), or they are moles.    The other excuse you hear as to why they avoid successful techniques is that they are stupid.

Whereas Gordon identifies a good stopgap measure, going to war against the Pretend Media, that is just a defense.

The solution is going on offense, becoming the media.


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