No-Go Sharia Zones – 100-Plus In Britain

No-Go Sharia Zones – 100-Plus In Britain

There are more than 100 “Muslim enclaves” in the United Kingdom that are “de facto off limits to non-Muslims due to a number of factors, including the lawlessness, insecurity or religious intimidation that often pervades these areas,” according to a new report.

The report cites the nation’s own census data.

“An erroneous claim on American television that Birmingham, England, is ‘totally Muslim’ and off-limits to non-Muslims has ignited a political charged debate about the existence of no-go zones in Britain and other European countries,” wrote Soeren Kern, a senior fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute, in a report about Muslim “no-go” zones.

Kern said that in some no-go zones, “host-country authorities are unable or unwilling to provide even basic public aid, such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services, out of fear of being attacked by Muslim gangs that sometimes claim control over such areas.”

And they are “breeding grounds for Islamic radicalism.”

“The problem of no-go zones is well documented, but multiculturalists and their politically correct supporters vehemently deny that they exist. Some are now engaged in a concerted campaign to discredit and even silence those who draw attention to the issue – often by deliberately mischaracterizing the term ‘no-go zone,’” he said.

He quoted Islam expert Andrew C. McCarthy’s definition: “It is not that they [non-Muslims] are not permitted to enter these enclaves; it is that they avoid entering because doing so is dangerous if they are flaunting Western modes of dress and conduct.”

Proof of this is shown in the video below when an American college student Francesco Hounye, age 22, had been in London just three days when he was severely attacked and disfigured by five Asian men, reportedly just because he was drinking a beer, which is against Sharia law.


In Britain, there are more than 100 such “enclaves,” according to an analysis of 2011 census data, Kern explained.

“The Muslim population exceeds 85 percent in some parts of Blackburn and 70 percent in a half-dozen wards in Birmingham and Bradford,” he said.

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